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Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Red Light Therapy

Managing MS is an ongoing process, beginning with the very first symptoms and continuing throughout the disease course. Many patients with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, are surprised to find that they have significant pains along with many other symptoms. Photobiomodulation therapy from cold laser can be a helpful therapeutic approach to help ease the process.   People …

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Home & Personal Use

Home & Personal Use The National Institute of Health has published over 3,000 studies using red light technology to help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and other recurring health issues. Home owners may benefit from anti-aging, weight-loss and significantly lower inflammation with our FreshStart holistic nutritional program and the Prism …

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Hear what people are saying Atlanta Braves All-Star – Speeds Recovery Grow Your Business with Prism Light Pod Treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Neuropathy – Pain Reduction Chronic Pain Reduction Relieving Scleroderma Healing Multiple Sclerosis Former Professional MMA Fighter- Injury Healing Relief from Migranes Professional MMA Fighter- Performance Recovery New England Patriots  – Rob Gronkowski Former …

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Full-Body Cold Laser Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

According the the US National Institute of Health, one out of every three americans experiences chronic pain annually. In most cases, it is not restricted to just one localized area.  With the help of Prism’s full-body, cold laser therapy, practitioners can help their patients significantly reduce or eliminate their chronic pain. Through photobiomodulation, our body cells …

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Not All Red LED Light Beds Are Created Equal

The Full-body Cold Body Light Pod industry is growing at triple-digit rates. Sports Recovery, Pain Management, Med Spas and Integrated Natural Health Centers  are deploying whole body cold laser systems to reduce inflammation and use photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) to heal the body naturally. Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced and affordable PBMT system. …

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