Fresh Start 90-Day Weight Loss & Nutritional Program

fresh start

Our Fresh Start program was developed by holistic nutritionists who have more than 20 years of natural health and wellness expertise. It provides step by step guidelines for diet, fitness and light pod sessions.


The Program starts with a detox to eliminate toxins that have accumulated within your body. Then, we replenish your body with holistic nutrition and natural supplements to reinforce a healthy metabolism and regulate body function. Combining light pod sessions and the Fresh-Start Program will have you losing inches and pounds, feeling healthier with much more energy and vitality.


The 90-day holistic nutritional weight loss program is bundled with 36 whole-body cold laser therapy sessions to accelerate weight loss. Prism Light Pod sessions are safe and non-invasive. The Fresh Start program comes with the purchase of a Prism Light Pod – the industry’s most advanced and non-invasive whole-body cold laser light pod. The Prism Light Pod has a “Weight Loss” setting optimized to help users shrink fat cells and lose unwanted weight gain. 

The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study applying red light therapy for 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks on 40 healthy young men and women. The subjects were asked not to change their diet nor exercise habits. Results demonstrated that red light therapy achieved safe and significant loss of fat and increased collagen by the end of the treatment period.

Woman's Skin Less wrinkly

We recommend 15-minute sessions, three times a week for losing inches and improving body tone. Prism Light Pod improves blood flow, increases the body’s metabolism and shrinks fat cells. Your body burns more calories during the day leading to more fat loss and even smoothing out cellulite. These benefits in addition to the 90-Day Fresh Start Program will have your clients feeling completely rejuvenated.


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