Performance Health & Aesthetics

Performance Recovery

Prism light Pod’s whole body red light therapy interacts with your body’s muscles, tissues, ligaments, and nerves to accelerate your body’s natural healing process. Specific wavelengths of red light is absorbed to reduce inflammation & harmful free radicals and speed mitochondrial healing -similar to photosynthesis in plants.

Deliver optimized 15-minute light pod sessions for performance recovery. Professional and amateur athletes, healthcare practitioners, sports medicine, chiropractors, pain management, performance and rehab coaches augment their practices with whole-body photobiomodulation therapy

Health & Aesthetics

Prism red light therapy allow Medspa doctors, aestheticians and clinicians to enhance their approach to post-procedure patient recovery, health and pain management. Medspas and salons bundle photoboimodulation (PBM) sessions with facial peels, PRP micro needling and body contouring services to reduce redness and soreness providing “zero-downtime” for their clients.

The light pod sessions are 100% unattended with six-optimized lightwave settings to shrink fat cells, promote anti-aging & skin toning, sooth arthritis & joint pain, improve chronic pain & disorders, accelerate performance recovery and injury healing. Add red light therapy services without having to become an expert in PBM settings.

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