Reach Your Nutritional and Weight Goals with the Prism Light Pod Fresh Start Program

Speed weight loss with light therapy

With so many nutritional programs, tips, and diets out there, many struggle with reaching their nutritional goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, address health concerns, or simply live a healthier life, there is likely too many gimmicky diet plans to produce lasting results. I relate it to my fitness journey- no matter how many workout videos I watched or gym schedules I created, I had a hard time holding myself accountable without a trainer or personal fitness guide. The same theory holds true for dieting and nutrition; when and how often should I detox? What type of meal plan would be best for my needs? What kind of supplements should I be taking? All of these questions are much easier to answer with some expert guidance and a plan that is simple to follow.

There is no “magic pill”

At Prism Light Pod, we are all about keeping you naturally healthy by reducing toxins and inflammation, and encouraging people to nourish their bodies. While our cold laser therapy system contains the most innovative technology for six use cases including weight-loss, we augment the light therapy for shrinking fat cells with a nutritional Fresh-Start plan developed by our two certified nutritionists. As our CEO, Karl says, “you cannot expect to lay in the light pod and lose weight while drinking beer and eating pizza every day”. The light pod is an incredible addition to your weekly health regimen, but you must also take care for your body with a holistic nutritional plan and regular fitness & exercise.

Our step-by-step Fresh Start Program includes detoxification, changing your eating habits with fitness guidelines for you to make healthier choices, and eating much healthier from our suggested foods and recipes. It’s fine to splurge every once in a while. Combining regular Prism Light Pod sessions and the Fresh-Start Program will have you losing inches and pounds, feeling healthier with much more energy and vitality. Ask your Prism Light Pod provider about the 90-Day Fresh-Start program and live naturally healthier!

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