Rejuvenate the Body with Holistic Nutrition and Red Light Therapy

You can improve your nutrition in small steps, and the best time to start is now. 

You don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to become healthier. Small actions like cutting down your sugar intake, ten minutes of ab exercises, or a whole-body red light therapy session can improve how you feel and strengthen the body against illness and inflammation.

Adverse effects of excessive sugar consumption

Today, a large proportion of the daily caloric intake is dedicated to processed foods primarily due to ease of accessibility, affordability, and time constraints. As part of the conventional American diet, the main sources of sugar are sweetened beverages (soft drinks, fruit juices, and others), cereals, yogurts, sweets, and most other processed foods. 

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) shared a blog on the impact of sugar consumption: “each daily 20-ounce serving of a sugar-sweetened drink equated to 4.6 additional years of aging, independently from other factors.” A diet high in added sugar and processed foods has been found to increase the risk of developing depression. A long-term study found that men who consumed over 67 grams of sugar per day were up to 23% more likely to develop depression than men who consumed fewer than 40 grams daily.

Take a natural approach to weight loss with Prism Light Pod’s 90 Day Fresh Start Program 

  • Move to a low inflammatory holistic nutritional program
  • Recipes
  • Includes 36 Light Pod sessions
  • Natural supplements
  • Fitness guidelines

Our Fresh Start program was developed by holistic nutritionists who have more than 20 years of natural health and wellness expertise. It provides step by step guidelines for diet, fitness and light pod sessions.

The Program starts with a detox to eliminate toxins that have accumulated within your body. Then, the body is replenished with holistic nutrition and natural supplements to reinforce a healthy metabolism and regulate body function. Combining light pod sessions and the Fresh-Start Program will help you lose inches and pounds, feel healthier and rejuvenated with more energy and vitality.


The 90-day holistic nutritional program is bundled with 36 Prism Light Pod sessions to accelerate weight loss. Prism Light Pod sessions are safe and non-invasive. The Fresh Start program is included with the purchase of a Prism Light Pod – the industry’s most advanced and non-invasive whole-body cold laser light pod. The Prism Light Pod has a “Weight Loss” setting optimized to help users shrink fat cells and lose unwanted weight gain.

Prism Light Pod Shrinks Fat Cells

Prism light waves penetrate fat cells to collapse them across your entire body releasing triglycerides into your normal metabolic process to accelerate weight loss and reduce cellulite. Shrinking fat cells is much healthier than freezing or killing fat. Prism Light Pod is:

  • Natural & non-invasive
  • FDA cleared red light therapy for weight loss in 2006


*Additional tip: Try 8-10 minutes on a vibration plate after light pod sessions to shake loose & discard toxins and byproducts

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