A Therapy for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is not thought of as an autoimmune disease by nature. However, its chronic symptoms compromise the immune system and evidence shows that Lyme can manifest as an autoimmune disease. 


Its symptoms mimic many other conditions, including autoimmune diseases, so it is notoriously tricky to diagnose. One of the most common Lyme disease misdiagnosis is the autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis (RA), characterized by chronic joint pain. The longer Lyme disease goes untreated, the stronger the chance that it will spread to multiple body systems and possibly trigger an autoimmune response. Patients experience chronic fatigue, joint pain, etc. 


“The CDC states that approximately 10 to 20% of Lyme disease patients will experience lasting symptoms after antibiotic treatment. Because the prevalence of symptoms goes beyond the scope of antibiotic treatment, the lingering condition is known as post-treatment Lyme Disease syndrome (PTLDS).” 

What Lyme disease does to the body 


It is more than apparent that in the case of Lyme disease, practical antibiotic treatments are not always effective in treating the disease. With up to 20% of diagnosed Lyme patients experiencing chronic Lyme even after being administered long-term antibiotic treatments, it’s important for those afflicted with chronic Lyme to find treatments that work to rid the body of the devastating bacteria and rebuild the integrity of the immune system so it may fight the residual bacteria that causes the chronic symptoms in the first place.


Chronic Lyme survivors have reported experiencing the following symptoms for months to years after infection:


Intermittent fevers, chills, and sweats

Respiratory infections

Chronic inflammation

Sore throats

Aches, stiffness & migraines

Stomach pains

Numbness and tingling in the limbs

Anxiety and paranoia

Dizziness and shortness of breath

New food allergies

Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease


An ideal treatment for Lyme  supports the body’s detoxification processes, stimulates normal cell activity, and reduces inflammation. When cells are healthy and energized, they perform better and help the body fight bacteria and diseases.  An ideal treatment eliminates mitochondrial dysfunction, which occurs when structures inside cells that produce energy for the cells are damaged or malfunctions.


There are over 3000 National Institute of Health  (NIH) studies and articles on the benefits of red light therapy. When red light therapy is administered at the right frequency with enough intensity, it penetrates and energizes your body’s cells to maintain its integrity and wellness.  A whole-body red light bed, such as Prism Light Pod, penetrates the user’s entire body to promote normal, healthy cell activity and regeneration. A typical human has approximately 70 trillion body cells, so harboring damaged cells leads to fatigue and potentially lack of proper immunity to stave-off auto-immune disorders such as Lymes.


Red light therapy provides cellular-level wellness by energizing the mitochondria within body cells and reducing free radicals

Brio-Medical Center in Scottsdale, AZ

Brio-Medical is an alternative cancer treatment center and immune recovery facility in Scottsdale, AZ offering advanced, results-based integrative wellness focused on the holistic treatment of all types of cancer, chronic Lyme Disease, and chronic illnesses. They administer detoxification, supplementation, and technological therapies that suppress effects from Lyme and its coinfections  to reduce inflammation, restore the microbiome, and regulate immune system dysfunction.


The founders of Brio-Medical  have implemented  natural wellness therapies as an alternative to taking prescriptions from large pharmaceuticals. Brio-Medical is a leader in natural cancer and Lyme disease treatment. Personalized treatment plans include a strategic blend of holistic therapies:

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Ozone Therapy


Biophotonic Therapy

Prism Light Pod Whole-Body Red Light Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Prism Light Pod Whole-Body Red Light Therapy

Prism Light Pod delivers deep mitochondrial healing from red light waves that are absorbed by muscles, tissues, joints, nerves and bones. 


It also delivers 8-10 times more healing power compared to other LED light beds within the industry. Prism Light Pod optimizes light frequencies and intensities to deliver healing for six specific use-cases. These use-cases address many clients’ wellness goals. 

The LEDs used in every Prism Light Pod penetrate into the body to stimulate a molecular reaction resulting in the many benefits listed above. Prism red light surrounds your body with 360 degrees of natural  photobiomodulation therapy. The Prism Light Pod is the most-powerful, energy-efficient and automated FDA registered whole-body red light therapy system.


Contact a Prism Light Pod team member at infoprismlightpod@gmail.com to learn more about how whole-body red light beds may be a therapy for Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses.

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