Industry's Best Whole-Body Red Light Therapy Systems

We are proud to offer the industry’s most powerful red light therapy full-body devices, such as our energy-efficient Prism Light Pod and the portable and convenient Prism Light Pad. Find more information below on our professional red light therapy devices, which have become popular features for resort and day spas, integrated fitness centers, and many other wellness businesses around the world.

Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod

The Most Powerful, Energy Efficient and Automated Red Light Bed

The innovative design behind Prism Light Pod has made it the most powerful, energy efficient and 100% automated/optimized whole-body red light therapy system in the industry that speeds recovery up to 10 times faster than your body’s natural process. Prism Light Pod sessions are fully optimized and 100% safe, noninvasive and unattended with no use of harmful UV rays. Our patent-pending power distribution technology also makes Prism the only light pod in the industry to support a standard 110V electrical power in North America and 220V international.

Prism Light Pad

The Most Adaptable, Portable and Affordable Whole-Body Red Light Pad

Prism Light Pad is changing the industry, with the first ever completely portable and effective whole-body red light therapy pad that you can lay on. Like our Prism Light Pod, Prism Light Pad sessions are completely safe, totally automated and easy to operate. Using both red and near-infrared LEDs, Prism Light Pad delivers full-body mitochondrial healing with accelerated recovery up to 5 times faster than your body’s natural process. Supports 110 V electrical power in North America and 220V international (adapter not included).