How Estheticians Can Use Red Light Therapy

How Estheticians Can Use Red Light Therapy

From peels to microneedling, estheticians help their clients achieve healthier skin through a wide variety of trusted techniques. The most effective of these techniques takes a holistic approach to skincare. By understanding the ways skin naturally regenerates and functions, estheticians can provide clients with deeper, more comprehensive treatments for naturally healthier skin. Read on to see how estheticians can use red light therapy to promote healthier skin and greater overall well-being for their clients.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy offers a safe and effective approach to natural skin rejuvenation. Estheticians who offer red light therapy sessions alongside facials and other treatments deliver a wide range of benefits, including increased collagen production and accelerated regeneration of healthy skin cells. Red light therapy also serves to increase blood and oxygen flow, which promotes faster skin repair.

Empower Post-Treatment Healing

Estheticians can use red light therapy as a valuable part of their clients’ recovery routines. By deeply penetrating the skin and promoting regeneration on a cellular level, red light therapy reduces redness and inflammation, effectively accelerating the recovery process. Scheduling a red light therapy session after a facial, peel, microneedling, or other treatment boosts recovery for natural rejuvenation in less time.

Offer Natural, Universal Treatment

Red light therapy is a natural procedure that benefits clients of every skin type. Instead of attempting to correct a specific issue, red light therapy focuses on the skin’s natural regenerative functions. Red light therapy penetrates the skin on a cellular level, stimulating greater ATP production in the mitochondria to accelerate tissue repair and promote healthier skin overall.

Deliver Convenient, Low-Effort Service to Clients

Prism full-body red light pods deliver convenient, low-pressure red light therapy services for estheticians. With pre-set optimized settings and automated 15-minute timers, clients can experience the benefits of red light therapy with minimal hassle or supervision from you and your staff. Red light therapy pods provide a fast, convenient, and advantageous service that estheticians can easily incorporate into clients’ routines.

Deliver optimal results to your clients with full-body red light pods from Prism Light Pod. Contact our team today to learn more about our solutions and see how red light therapy goes hand in hand with your own skincare treatments.

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