Seed Health & Wellness – Doha, Qatar

Prism Light Pod is available at Seed Health and Wellness, the first functional health clinic in Doha, Qatar. (Pronounced Qa-tar –with equal emphasis on each syllable) Seed has hired a physician from Spain and another healthcare provider from Beirut.

Seed Health & Wellness Center

The Seed Health and Wellness Center is ultra-modern with state of the art natural wellness protocols and technologies. We’re delighted to be part of this innovative clinic.

We are delighted to be one of the first technologies to be approved by the Qatar Ministry of Health. Well wishes to Rawan and her team at Seed for their generous and welcoming hospitality and having the vision to bring functional medicine and natural wellness to the Qatar community.

We’re confident that the Prism Light Pod whole-body red light therapy system will be extremely successful and very well received by Seed’s patrants.

Doha History

Doha began as a gulf fishing port dating back to the 1500’s. Travelers traded for pearls, spices and textiles. It was home to one of the largest natural pearl markets in the world until cultured pearls changed the market dynamics.

There was a history of occupation from the British and Ottoman empires. The Al-Thalin family sided with the British and ultimately became an independent nation thanks to the petroleum industry that developed after World War II.


Qatar has a local population of approx. 250,000 citizens. It’s a monarchy ruled by the Thani dynasty, the ruling family of Qatar for hundreds of years. It’s an OPEC member nation and very wealthy.

Doha Culture & Lifestyle

The Qatari people were very friendly and Doha welcomes lots of expats from all over the world. There’s an interesting combined culture of traditional muslin alongside European and Asian immigrants. Health care and education is provided free of charge by the central government. The Health Ministry and Education Ministry buildings are large and prominent in the city.


The Doha airport is very modern. We enjoyed our flight on Qatar Airlines with vegetarian meal options as a standard offering with every meal. English and Arabic are spoken and all the street signs are labeled in both languages. There is a modern subway system traveling throughout Doha, but we opted for Uber rides everywhere that were more affordable than in the States.

The Prism team stayed in the West Bay neighborhood at a Wyndham Hotel. Doha is a modern city with lots of high rise buildings, high-end shopping and great restaurants. The Mediterranean cuisine was excellent!


One of the interesting differences in culture is that alcohol is not served in public, so we could not enjoy a bottle of wine with our Italian dinner. We did find a watering hole at the Champions Sports Bar at the Marriott hotel to go along with some nachos. The sports bar was filled with American expats mostly working in the oils industry. We love our beer and nachos!

The plus side is there aren’t rowdy drunks, no major alcoholism, or opioid addictions here. The Mediterranean food is much healthier than our American fast foods and as a vegetarian, it was delicious!

2022 World Cup in Doha

The World Cup is coming to Doha in November. Qatar was awarded the football (soccer) World Cup in 2010, so they have been preparing the city with five new stadiums. They will take advantage of hotel accommodations in Doha and also from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Arab gulf nations to fly visitors to and from Doha for the games.

We look forward to seeing the World Cup in November and the upcoming grand opening of Seed Health and Wellness later this year!

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