Red Light Therapy Pads

Prism Light Pad is the industry’s most adaptable, portable, and affordable whole-body red light pad with more than 2,200 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared LEDs. Thirty-minute automated sessions deliver 50 milliwatts per centimeter square of full-body mitochondrial wellness. Our red light therapy pads are the ONLY LIGHT PAD THAT YOU CAN LAY ON, and they deliver 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when you purchase two pads. It includes Prism’s unique “one-button” automated user operation. 

We carry the largest red light therapy body mat in the industry measuring 72×36 inches in size. Ours is also one of the most portable red light therapy mats, as it rolls-up for easy storage and is ready to take on-the-road when you’re traveling. The Prism Light Pad is the most-affordable whole-body red light system at $9,995. It delivers 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when two pads are purchased together. 

Rejuvenate, accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, increase collagen production and anti-aging with the Prism Light Pad which is ideal for professionals and home-users. Aestheticians, massage therapists, physical therapists, salons, day spas, and more can generate more than $100,000 each year by implementing red light therapy pads into their business.

Product Features

The patient will lie on a treatment table or bed and the pad(s) are placed under and/or on top of the body. Push the on button to begin the 30-minute automated session. When the system is on, the patient will feel a slight warming sensation, like a warm hug. They should take this time to relax and enjoy the mitochondrial level healing. Once the 30-minute session automatically times out, transfer the pad to the other side. Achieve 360 degrees of full-body red light therapy in a 30-minute session when you purchase two pads. 

Red light does not penetrate through clothing, so to maximize the results, it is recommended to be fully nude or in minimal clothing such as gym shorts and/or a sports bra. When treating your face, eye protection is optional.

Results will vary from patient to patient, depending on the use case(s) being treated. Patients should feel rejuvenated after a single 30-minute session. Chronic pain and neuropathy conditions will take numerous sessions to see optimal results. If a patient maintains a healthy lifestyle while implementing red light therapy 3-5 times a week, the benefits will be long term. 

Yes. Prism Light Pad treatments are safe and non-invasive. The light emitted by the Prism Light Pad does not generate excessive heat nor UV light waves. The light is very bright and while it is safe to look at, some patients may prefer to use protective eyewear.

Prism Light Pad treatments are safe, non-invasive and effective for most people. Contraindications include pregnant women, babies and small children. If you have a specific health condition, please consult with your doctor prior to using the Prism Light Pad.

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