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“We have been profitable from day-one of our launch and are booked out for four weeks. We even have a daily waiting list thanks to Prism Light Pod’s joint marketing program.

– Brad & Alicia Mullins, Cryo-X Owners

Prism Light Pod offers advanced photobiomodulation therapy that interacts with body tissues, muscles and nerves to accelerate the natural healing process. Our full body cold laser pod uses specific wavelengths of light that pass-through layers of skin which our body cells then absorb. The light energy interacts within our body to stimulate regrowth and repair—similar to photosynthesis in plants. The light absorbed by cells is converted to advantageous energy for accelerated healing. This process normalizes damaged or injured tissue while reducing pain, edema, and inflammation and minimizing healing time.

Our full body photobiomodulation device has six optimized settings that help relieve a variety of conditions. We have optimized setting levels of light wave frequencies and energy that target performance recovery, chronic pain, injury and wound healing, arthritis and joint pain, anti-aging, skin toning, and weight loss.

Why Prism Light Pod?

Most Powerful & LED Dense Light Pod

14,000 industrial strength 630nm & 850nm red LEDs

65,500 lux of irradiance

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Most Cost-Effective and energy efficient

Standard 110V Power Supply in the US

Software optimized – up to 18 AMPs of peak power

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Former Dallas Cowboy Discusses Performance Recovery

Prism Light Pod delivers optimal photobiomodulation therapy for athletes, professionals and natural health enthusiasts. Full body red light cold lasers’ accelerated healing capabilities will enhance the benefits of health and wellness treatments for performance recovery, cryotherapy, medical spas, chiropractic offices, athletic trainers, physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities. Our photobiomodulation therapy pods increase the body’s natural healing process—repairing damaged or injured body cells, tissues and nerves while decreasing recovery time.

Join the fast-growth natural health market by adding whole-body cold laser services to your business. Call us at (720)231-5384 or reach out online for more information about Prism Light Pod!