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Prism Light Pod Partner Success

“We have been profitable from day-one of our launch and are booked out for four weeks. We even have a daily waiting list thanks to Prism Light Pod’s joint marketing program.

– Brad & Alicia Mullins, Cryo-X Owners

Why Prism Light Pod?

Most Powerful & LED Dense Light Pod

14,000 industrial strength 650nm & 850nm red LEDs

65,500 lux of irradiance

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Most Cost-Effective and energy efficient

Standard 110V Power Supply in the US

Software optimized – up to 18 AMPs of peak power

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Former Dallas Cowboy Discusses Performance Recovery

Prism Light Pod delivers optimal photobiomodulation therapy for athletes, professionals and natural health enthusiasts. 

Join the fast-growth natural health market by adding whole-body cold laser services to your business. 

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