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Why Prism Light Pod?

Prism Light Pod Partner Success

“Prism Light Pod’s lightwaves are closest to the body 1/2 inch and provides the deepest healing. Their competitor’s lightwaves are 5″ and 24″ away from the body. Prism Light Pod is 8-10 times more powerful than the white light bed.”

– Prism Light Pod Owner

Prism Light Pod’s whole body photobiomodulation therapy interacts with body tissues, muscles and nerves to accelerate the natural healing process. Specific wavelengths of light is absorbed by our body cells that speeds mitochondrial healing. —similar to photosynthesis in plants.  

It’s 100% unattended with six-optimized light wave settings that target performance recovery, chronic pain & disorders, injury & wound healing, arthritis & joint pain, anti-aging & skin toning and weight loss. You’ll deliver the most-effective red light therapy without having to be an expert is photobiomodulation settings.

Most Powerful 

89 milliwatts per centimeters square of maximum irradiance – Closest to the body of any light bed

industrial strength 630nm, 660nm cold laser & 850nm near infrared LEDs

14,000 LEDs for 360 degrees of red light therapy rated for 10 year life

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Most energy efficient

Standard 110V Power Supply in the US & Canada, 220V Power for International

Software optimized – up to 18 AMPs of peak power on standard 20 amp circuit breaker

Fully-automated (6) Optimized settings a nd WIFI enabled

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How does it work?

Prism Light Pod delivers optimal photobiomodulation therapy for boosting your immune system and accelerating healing capabilities.  

Chiropractors, Medical Spas, Sports Recovery and Pain Management Centers improve patient wellness with red light therapy.

Join the fast-growth natural wellness market. We’ll help you build a successful red light therapy business.

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MLB All-Star: Performance Recovery

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