Prism Light Pod
Red Light Therapy Bed

The Most Powerful & Optimized Whole-Body Red Light Therapy System

Most Powerful and Most Energy Efficient

Prism Light Pod offers an effective and completely automated solution for pain management, cellular healing, aesthetics, and overall better health. Our whole-body red light therapy beds use advanced technology to create the deepest red light penetration of any photobiomodulation bed in the industry with automated settings for sports recovery, chronic pain management, arthritis and joint pain, wound and injury healing, anti-aging, and weight loss. With 14,000 LEDs and 360 degrees of optimized light waves sitting closer to the body than competing products, our red light therapy beds offer a more powerful healing experience.


Offer your clients the best full-body red light therapy available with the most powerful and most optimized red light therapy system from Prism Light Pod. Contact our team today to learn more about why our LED red light therapy beds are leading the industry and see how red light therapy can enhance your business.

  • 100 milliwatts per centimeters squared of maximum irradiance – Closest to the body of any light bed
  • industrial strength 630nm, 660nm cold laser & 850nm near infrared LEDs
  • 14,000 LEDs for 360 degrees of red light therapy rated for 10 year life
  • Standard 110V Power Supply in the US & Canada, 220V Power for International
  • Software optimized – up to 17 AMPs of peak power on standard 20 amp circuit breaker
  • Fully-automated (6) Optimized settings and WIFI enabled
Prism Light Pod Partner Success

“Prism Light Pod’s lightwaves are closest to the body at 1/2 inch and provides the deepest healing. Their competitor’s lightwaves are 5″ and 24″ away from the body. Prism Light Pod is 8-10 times more powerful than the competition’s white pod.”

– Prism Light Pod Owner

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Add $100K+ of Income per Year

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We'll Help You Build a Successful Red Light Therapy Business

Prism Light Pod is the only whole-body red light therapy system that supports 110V and 220V for maximum energy efficiency, making it a smart choice for business owners. Our founder is a former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & VP of Marketing at Fortune 100 world-class, high-technology companies. With more than 30 years of global marketing experience, Prism Light Pod is the only whole-body red light therapy bed manufacturer in the industry to have created an in-house marketing & business consulting program. We include our Pro-Partner joint marketing program, complete with co-branding, social media, launch event and more with the purchase of each Prism Light Pod red light therapy bed. With our red light pods, we help owners build a successful red light therapy business and boost their income by $100,000 or more per year.

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