Full-Body Red Light Therapy for Sports Recovery

Accelerate recovery between training sessions and sports-related injuries with full-body red light therapy from Prism Light Pod. A 15-minute session helps to relieve muscle pain and speed performance recovery up to 10 times faster across your entire body. By using red light therapy for muscle recovery at your facility, you can incorporate natural wellness and recovery into your clients’ training and performance routines. Read on to learn more about how Prism Light Pod promotes full-body red light therapy for athletes and sports recovery centers.

ATP Production and Muscle Health

Red light therapy is a natural process that promotes the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, in the mitochondria. ATP is the chemical energy that cells use to grow and reproduce, which means it plays an essential role in tissue recovery and regeneration. For athletes and their trainers, efficient energy production is the key to reducing tissue inflammation and promoting muscle recovery after a hard workout.

During a red light therapy session, red light penetrates muscles and other tissues on a cellular level to stimulate more efficient ATP production. This makes red light therapy a naturally pro-metabolic process that, in addition to promoting tissue recovery, also benefits circulation, soothes joint and nerve pain, and relieves oxidative stress throughout the body.

Red Light Therapy and Sports Recovery Centers

Full-body red light therapy machines are a beneficial post-workout tool for athletes and trainers. A 15-minute red light therapy session after a strenuous workout or athletic performance can promote shorter, less intense recovery times.

By promoting cellular regeneration, reducing tissue inflammation, and minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness, red light therapy beds become a powerful tool for muscle recovery. Sports recovery centers can incorporate photobiomodulation sessions before and after strength training, endurance training, and other workouts to help clients achieve optimal results while experiencing streamlined recovery times.

Prism Light Pod Offers Advanced Photobiomodulation Services

The Prism Light Pod offers the most effective full-body red light therapy for sports recovery centers. Our full-body beds create cell-deep red light penetration to offer the most advanced form of healing, recovery, and muscle regeneration.

With six optimized use-case settings and an automated 15-minute session, you can easily implement the most advanced red light therapy into your sports recovery center. Learn more about how our full-body red light therapy pods can enhance your facility when you contact Prism Light Pod today.

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