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From all of us at Prism Light Pod, we are excited to congratulate Brad and Alicia Mullins, owners of Cryo-X in Grapevine, TX on the purchase of their Prism Light Pod! 
After many weeks of preparation, the Cryo-X team is thrilled to offer their customers an additional way to rejuvenate, heal, and recover naturally.
Founded in 2011, Cryo-X is the leading cryosauna center located in Grapevine and Frisco TX. Cryo-X uses state-of-the art technologies to provide natural beauty & wellness, health & pain management and performance recovery for thousands of local clients.
Prism Light Pod, founded in 2017, manufactures and sells the industry’s most advanced full-body cold Laser system for performance recovery, pain management, weight-loss and anti-aging. Prism Light Pod is headquartered in Denver CO. and distributes its products worldwide.
We were most excited to partner with Cryo-X because of their dedication to their customers well-being. As the health and wellness industry transforms, we’re here to help businesses transform with it. Whole-body cold laser is an excellent addition to cryotherapy and many other natural healing mechanisms because it offers an alternative for those who aren’t a fan of the cold, and allows others to switch up their recovery routine.
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