A passion for natural health & performance

Prism Light Pod was developed by a team of natural health enthusiasts, technologists, doctors, neurologists, fitness and nutritional professionals that have spent more than 30 years as active high-performing individuals and professionals caring for patients. 

We were one of two companies that pioneered the whole body red light therapy beds in 2013. There were two original prototypes; one located in Boston and one in Denver. Leveraging photobiomodulation research from Harvard, MIT and Tufts Medical research, more than 3,000 published NIH articles on the benefits of red light therapy and more than 25 years of industrial systems design, engineering and manufacturing experience including clinical trials contributed to bringing Prism Light Pod to the market in 2016.

Headquartered in Denver, CO. We design and manufacture our state-of-the-art light pods within our 15,000 sq/ft. facility and sell, ship to and service our customers worldwide.

Joint Marketing For Day-1 and Ongoing Profitability

Our Unique Pro-Partner Joint Marketing Program

Prism Light Pod is a solutions company that helps our owners build a successful red light therapy business.

Our team of marketing experts will help you plan your red light therapy business with promotional bundles, blogs, social media, pricing recommendations, co-brand the light pod and deliver turn-key marketing materials and plan and participate in a grand-opening event to  successfully launch your red light therapy business.

We also offer our Fresh Start holistic nutritional program at no additional cost for you to sell and bundle with Prism Light Pod sessions for natural weight loss.

Fitness & sports recovery, cryotherapy, physical therapy, rehab centers, integrated wellness centers, Day Spas, Medspas, salons, massage therapy, weight-loss clinics and nutritional centers offer Prism Light Pod red light energy rejuvenation for their clients. 

Our Core Values

Prism Light Pod is committed to customer service excellence and giving back to the communities that we serve……

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