Full-Body Red Light Therapy Bed

The award-winning Prism Light Pod is the most powerful, energy efficient and automated full-body red light therapy bed in the industry that rejuvenates & speeds recovery up to 10 times faster than your body’s natural process.

Prism Light Pod maximizes 360 degrees of energy production & mitochondrial-wellness with the innovative design of our full-body red light therapy bed. With more than 17,000 630nm, 660nm and 850nm 100 milliwatts per centimeter square red and near-infrared LEDs, our light pod can deliver the deepest penetration and mitochondrial healing as our LEDs sit closest to the body when compared to all other red light therapy beds for sale. 

Prism Light Pod sessions are 15-minutes, fully-automated with six-optimized settings that are designed for patient use with Prism’s unique “one-button” operation. Our patent-pending power distribution technology makes Prism the only infrared light therapy bed in the industry to support a standard 110V electrical power that will save you thousands of energy-cost over its 15-year life.

Implementing full-body red light therapy bed solutions from Prism Light Pod into your wellness center will generate a substantial new line of incremental revenue. Generate $100k-$900k annually with unattended infrared light bed services.

Product Features

Pro-Partner Joint Marketing Program

“Our business model is helping our owners build a successful unattended, whole-body red light therapy business” said Karl Chen, Founder and CEO of Prism Light Pod, “Unlike our competitors who started selling handheld or targeted red light devices who are in the business of selling hardware”

Our in-house Prism Pro-Partner joint-marketing and co-branding program, a $10,000 value is included with every purchase of a Prism Light Pod for commercial owners because we are committed to your success in the natural wellness industry. Our CEO was a former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & VP of Marketing at Fortune 100 world-class, high-technology companies. With more than 30 years of global marketing experience, Prism Light Pod is the only whole-body red light therapy bed manufacturer in the industry to have created a customized in-house marketing & natural-wellness consulting program. We include our Pro-Partner joint marketing program, complete with co-branding, web-content, marketing collateral, social media, launch event and more with the purchase of each Prism Light Pod for commercial business owners. The Prism Pro-Partner Program includes our 90-Day Fresh Start holistic nutritional program at no-cost to owners for them to generate $150,000-$400,000 of unattended passive income per year for integrated wellness & pain management clinics, sports recovery, resort spas, regenerative medicine and medspas with our red light therapy beds for sale.

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