Stay Fit and Healthy this Holiday Season with Prism Light Pod

Improve performance recovery from light therapy

As much as we all love the holiday season, it can be stressful at times and take us out of our everyday routines. Whether you’ve found less time to get to the gym or over indulged on holiday treats, we’re here to help you reduce stress and keep those few extra pounds off.
The red LEDs in our whole-body light pod allow the body to heal and replenish in many ways, including fat cell shrinkage and ridding the body of oxidative stress. These two use cases will keep you feeling light and energized despite the crowded malls and christmas cookies.
Feel your best and make the most out of the holidays with your family this year. By laying in the Light Pod 2-3 times per week, you can tone, shrink fat cells and reduce stress all at once.

Weight Loss
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