Steve Foley, Retired Denver Bronco DB #43 and Entrepreneur Stays Healthy with Prism Light Pod

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Steve was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 1976 and played 11 years as part of the “Orange Crush” defense in two Super Bowls. He still holds the club career record with 44 career interceptions.
Steve was blessed by not having lingering injuries and pain from his pro-career. He was always seeking new methods for staying healthy while he played and continues since he’s been retired for 30+ years.
Today, as an active entrepreneur and CEO of PetroShare, a Colorado leading oil and gas drilling company as part of the shale revolution, Steve stays very active and leverages natural health technologies such as the Prism full-body cold laser light pod to keep his body healthy and his mind sharp.
We want to wish Steve continued success and keep him performing at his peak, so he can throw footballs and play catch with his 8 grand children.

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