Best Life Magazine: 40 Ways to Stay Fit After 40

26. Give red light therapy a go.

red light therapy, over 40 fitness

Your 20s were focused on your career, then your 30s were focused on your family. So maybe it’s time to put yourself first and make this phase of your life all about you. Your 40s are the perfect time to start developing healthy habits that keep you feeling good for years to come, starting with making it a priority to stay fit. There are so many simple ways you can better your body, which leads to better health overall. These are the best ways to start, according to the experts.

If you have a red light therapy pod in your area, it could soon become your favorite way to recover between workouts. Being in a pod—which are often located at spas, wellness centers, and even dermatology offices—feels like lying in a tanning bed, minus the skin damage. Instead, you’re left with less wrinkles, glowing skin, reduced inflammation, and a better-healed body.

“Laying in the red light therapy pod for 15 minutes two to three times a week delivers deep healing of your muscles, tissues, tendons, and joints, all while reducing oxidative stress and fatigue from your workouts,” says Dr. Marsha Dirks Prada, D.C., a chiropractic specialist and co-owner of Denver Sports Recovery.

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