Benefits of Incorporating Red Light Therapy with Your Massage Business

Maintaining healthy muscles and overall comfort takes hard work and consistency. Massage therapy is one way to get relief through therapeutic touch. Clients who commit to routine bodywork see the substantial change in their bodies and overall quality of life which further motivates them to stay committed to routine therapeutic work. 

“I have seen the amazing impact therapeutic work can have on a client’s body and overall quality of life,”  said Leah Litchfield, licensed massage therapist of fourteen years. “While my passion and belief in the healing power of massage therapy remains firm and grounded in my roots of natural wellness, I have found a new form of self-care that has impacted where I see the future of natural health headed— that future is in red light therapy.” 

Benefits of pairing massage therapy with red light

If used before a massage treatment, red light therapy can reduce oxidative stress and increase circulation, making the massage more effective and relaxing for your client. 

While therapeutic massage can help significantly decrease your pain, clients often find that they experience soreness after they receive bodywork. Adding red light therapy for post-massage will help accelerate the healing process. Next, detoxing is an important step in the post massage recovery process.  While water is always the number one recommendation after  a massage, red light therapy will also assist your clients in removing those toxins that were just released into their body.

Three Benefits of adding Prism Light Pod to your business 


1. Most powerful light bed pre-programmed with optimized settings to treat 95% of client use-cases 


Due to its innovative design, Prism Light pod is the most powerful light pod on the market. This red light system penetrates at a mitochondrial level and provides full photobiomodulation. With the six-optimized settings, your clients will be able to customize their light pod session and experience the benefits of pairing redlight with massage therapy. In addition, business owners and technicians can skip the stress of learning how to become a photobiomodulation expert because the pre-programmed optimized settings make it simple for clients to use and operate. 

These six optimized settings include: 

  1. Performance Recovery (speeds recovery 4-10 times)

  2. Reducing Chronic Pain/Disorders (MS, Lymes, fibromyalgia etc.)

  3. Injury & Wound Healing (including deep bone bruises)

  4. Relieve Arthritis & Joint Pain (Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis, tendonitis etc.)

  5. Anti-aging and Skin Toning (reduces wrinkles, scar tissues & promotes collagen)

  6. Weight-loss Management (shrinks fat cells and includes the 90-day Fresh Start holistic nutritional program)


2. Pro Partner Joint Marketing Program

Prism Light Pod offers a Pro Partner joint marketing program that will provide you with turnkey marketing collateral for your launch event and help assure that you will be profitable with your light pod from day one. As a result, our owners have seen significantly increased revenue from adding Prism Light Pod to their business. 


3. Enhancing your Service Menu 

By adding Prism Light Pod to your menu, you will be able to offer monthly memberships and packages that will create consistency for your clients looking to improve their overall health. Next, your menu will be enhanced by providing a touchless treatment that does not require the use of a technician to administer the light pod. 

If you want to learn more about adding red light therapy to your business, check out out the Prism Light Pod.
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