Red Light Therapy Beds for Spas and Salons

Enhance your services with Prism Light Pod’s red light therapy beds for spas and salons. From increasing collagen production to boosting post-procedure recovery, rejuvenating red light therapy beds create a value-added service for your facility and the clients you serve. Implement red light therapy for anti-aging, skin-toning, weight loss management, and so much more. Read on to learn more about Prism Light Pod’s spa red light therapy solutions and see how our photobiomodulation beds deliver the most advanced form of red light therapy available.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a safe and effective process that promotes natural healing and regeneration on a cellular level. During a photobiomodulation session, harmless red LED technology penetrates the skin and tissue to target the mitochondria and stimulate energy production within the cell. This, in turn, leads to natural tissue regeneration, increased collagen production, reduced inflammation, increased blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, and other benefits.

Red Light Therapy for Medical Spas & Aesthetics

For medical spas, red light therapy offers a variety of benefits, including anti-aging and skin-toning services, weight-loss management, and streamlined recovery after medical spa or aesthetic procedures.

Utilize the healing power of red light therapy, to deliver “Zero-Downtime” recovery time between Medspa aesthetic procedures by reducing inflammation and redness after treatment. Provide a youthful appearance with the anti-aging skin-toning and collagen production benefits of red light therapy. Add weight-loss and pain management services to your Spa and Salon when you invest in Prism Light Pod red light therapy beds for spas and salons.

Advanced, Effective, and Convenient Red Light Therapy

Our rejuvenating red light therapy beds provide a convenient and valuable service that complements your existing treatments and procedures. Sessions last only 15 minutes, and each pod comes with six optimized use-case settings, including programs for promoting anti-aging and weight-loss management. By adding a short red light session to your client’s routine, you can boost recovery and improve treatment results.

Enhance Your Spa or Salon with Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod offers the most advanced red light therapy systems for spas and salons. See how our red light pods complement your services and provide an even greater experience for your clients when you contact our team today.

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