Can Red Light Increase Sperm Count?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects about 30 million men in the United States. Although ED is very common, it is not a normal part of aging. The causes for sexual dysfunction are various and include psychiatric, neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular and pelvic conditions, as well as side effects of commonly prescribed medications. Whatever the cause, the end result involves a lack of blood flow into the penis, a lack of retention and thus an inability to start and maintain an erection. The National Institute of Health has conducted clinical trials on the efficacy of red light therapy for ED, and biohackers have reported their own experiences using red light to increase performance. 


Blood Flow

Healthy blood circulation is important to overall health and wellness, as strong blood flow delivers fresh nutrients to the cells and prevents accumulation of waste materials. Strong blood flow is vital for achieving/maintaining an erection. The NIH has documented in numerous clinical studies that red light therapy improves blood flow throughout the entire body considerably. A 15 minute session three times per week in a Prism Light Pod red light bed improves blood flow, advances healing, develops muscle tissue and increases testosterone


Nitric Oxide

We know that Nitric Oxide plays a positive role in erection/arousal responses, but it can also act as an inhibitor. Too much Nitric Oxide from stress and inflammation creates a poison-like effect. This poison-like effect prevents our cells from producing energy and carrying out basic functions. Red light shifts the Nitric Oxide from a harmful effect into a pro-erection effect. Red light promotes normal energy metabolism to help you use and produce Nitric Oxide at more appropriate times/areas – a key factor to treating ED.



Testosterone is actively involved in libido and it plays a vital, direct role in erection. Low testosterone is one of the main causes of ED in men. An increase in testosterone levels (even if already in the normal range) can break the cycle of dysfunction. Clinical trials that treated infertility with red light therapy resulted in a significant increase in the production of testosterone in test subjects.


Red Light Therapy 

Whole-body red light therapy can reverse the effects of ED. Red light therapy increases blood flow, optimizes cellular respiration by managing Nitric Oxide levels, and in particular, increases the production of testosterone while also reducing fatigue – all vital components of healthy sexual function.


Several studies show that red light therapy enhances sperm survival, motility, and speed of movement. These are vital components of male reproductive health. Sperm motility is associated with cellular energy; more energized sperm will swim with greater vigor. Red light therapy wakes up and energizes your cells to rejuvenate, turn over and perform at optimum levels.


About Prism Light Pod

Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most powerful whole-body red light therapy bed. It delivers 360 degrees of optimized light waves closest to the body in a comfortable 15 minute dose. More than 14,000 industrial-grade red and near-infrared LEDs penetrate the body and deeply into the mitochondria of cells which increase levels of cellular energy called ATP. Regeneration of ATP is what influences the neurological and physical benefits of red light therapy such as: reducing oxidative stress, improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, improving sleep patterns, relieving joint pain, accelerating sports recovery, shrinking fat cells and smoothing skin. Prism Light Pod naturally accelerates recovery 4-10 times faster than the body’s natural healing process. 


Unlike handheld devices, users simply select the pre-optimized settings and lay in the light pod comfortably for 15 minute sessions to heal and rejuvenate the entire body. This allows practitioners to offer the benefits of red light therapy as new “unattended” services, while simultaneously treating other patients, making efficient use of their time and generating passive income from automated red light therapy services.

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