Beware of Retrofit Tanning Beds Advertising Red Light Therapy Services and Benefits

Red light therapy is a growing health solution in the natural wellness industry. Protect your body, clients and investments by understanding the difference between retrofit tanning beds and authentic photobiomodulation therapy from medical/industrial-grade systems.


What is PBMT? What are the health benefits? 

Photobiomodulation (PBMT), also known as red light therapy, is when specific radiances of red and near-infrared light are administered to the body and stimulate a molecular-level reaction in the body that can potentially relieve chronic pain, inflammation and accelerate the body’s natural recovery process and more. 

Light induces a complex chain of physiological reactions in diseased and damaged tissues to accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration, increase circulation, reduce acute inflammation, reduce acute and chronic pain and help restore normal cellular function. Interestingly, recent research indicates that light can enhance performance in normal tissues and cells.”

– American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.

Traditionally, red light therapy has been administered with medical-grade hand-held devices. Today, whole-body red-light beds that deliver “True” photo cellular healing are one of the fastest growing modalities in the natural health and wellness industry. The benefits of whole-body (PBMT) red-light therapy are vast, but only when administered efficiently and consistently with a FDA Class II system.

Beware of retrofitted red-tube tanning beds/services

When in the market for red light therapy devices and treatments, be cautious of retrofitted red-tube tanning beds/services. Tanning beds have hazardous effects on the body, dispersing harmful UV rays onto the surface of the skin. UV rays can cause skin cancer overtime. The FDA classifies tanning beds as Class I devices, requiring warning labels that disclose the risks and harmful effects that correspond with using those products. 


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Just as deceptively, some tanning bed manufacturers have replaced harmful UV ray fluorescent tube lighting with red-color tub lighting and resell those tanning beds as “full-body red light therapy systems.” DON’T BE FOOLED. Those systems DO NOT deliver photo cellular healing because their gas emission-based tub-LEDs do not emit the proper irradiance for delivering mitochondrial healing. They may provide some level of anti-wrinkling, but you and your clients will be disappointed if you advertised wellness benefits beyond that.


Authentic photobiomodulation therapy systems containing thousands of industrial LEDs, not tube-lights, deliver true photobiomodulation– deep mitochondrial healing with a myriad of health benefits.  

Prism Light Pod

 Prism Light Pod delivers deep mitochondrial healing from red light waves that are absorbed by muscles, tissues, joints, nerves and bones that retrofitted tanning beds do NOT. 

It also delivers 8-10 times more healing power compared to other LED light pods in the industry. Prism Light Pod optimizes light frequencies and intensities to deliver healing for six specific use-cases. These use-cases address 95% of client health goals. 

Six Settings of Prism Light Pod

The LEDs used in every Prism Light Pod penetrate the top layer of skin down to the bone to stimulate a molecular reaction in the body resulting in the many health benefits listed above. As a result, Prism red light surrounds your body with 360 degrees of authentic photobiomodulation therapy. Without the use of heat-based lighting, the unit stays cooler than fluorescent lighting and does not possess any harmful gas nor UV-rays. The Prism Light Pod is the most-powerful, energy-efficient and automated medical/industrial-grade PBMT system with a 10-year life. Prism owners generate $100,000 of incremental income per year with services provided by each Prism Light Pod.

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For more specific details regarding the Prism Light pod and comparing risks of retrofitted tanning beds and services, download our white paper:

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