Self Care Throughout the Busy Holiday Season

The Holidays are fast approaching and it can be easy to convince yourself that you will start your health regimen after the New Year.  Between balancing kids, work obligations, holiday parties, and preparing to leave town or host family for the holidays it’s understandable why people wait until after the New Year. However, getting ahead of the curve and staying consistent with your selfcare will be beneficial for you in this busy season. The health and wellness industry continues to see trends in Red Light Therapy and this modality can help address many of your self care & wellness needs.   


What is Red Light Therapy? 

Red Light Therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), was discovered by Endre Mester in 1967. Mester used his own custom-made laser and discovered hair growth and wound healing with the use of the low-level laser light.  Photobiomodulation penetrates at a mitochondria level and accelerates healing through-out the body. Along with Endre Mesters discoveries, NASA did many studies on red light therapy and it has also been known to reduce pain/inflammation, build the immune system, accelerate cellular recovery, help with weight loss, reduce stress, and produce collagen to improve skin conditioning. 


Why Prism Light Pod?

Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most powerful full-body red light system. Our Light pod delivers maximum mitochondrial penetration with lightwaves that are closest to the body emitting 360 degrees of photobiomodulation. The six optimized settings target specific needs including weight loss, anti-aging, muscular-skeletal recovery, reducing joint & chronic pain with one-button, 15-minute sessions. It’s the perfect compliment to your busy holiday schedule.


Three specific selfcare needs that red light delivers  during the busy holiday season! 

Boosting your Immune System 


After two years of Covid-19 restrictions, traveling to be with family or welcoming visitors into your home may be at the top of your list for the holidays. While excitement may arise with the idea of spending face-to-face time with loved ones, some of us still worry about contracting or accidentally spreading Covid-19.  Red Light therapy can boost the immune system by stimulating your body’s entire lymphatic system to help fight-off Covid-19.  


During the 1918 flu Pandemic many medical professionals used sunlight to effectively fight the Spanish Flu. However, we now know that prolonged exposure to sunlight can be damaging to skin and increase the chances of skin cancer. Using red light therapy is an effective and safe way to boost the immune system and fight Covid-19. According to an NIH study published in May, 2020, “Emerging data show that light in the red and near infrared light spectra can reduce lung inflammation, lung fibrosis, pneumonia, acute respiratory disorders, and other severe complications of coronavirus infections.” 

Looking your Best

Red light therapy helps produce collagen and keeps your skin looking youthful. A controlled study in 2014 found that red light therapy also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Some people may find that opting out of harsh treatments, such as chemical peels and
having to stay indoors during the holiday season is not a worthwhile option. Using 15-minute automated red light therapy sessions are much more convenient for your busy schedules while keeping you energized and looking younger, AND getting a dose of vitamin D.  Using the weight loss setting can maintain or assist in losing weight during the festive holiday season. Why wait until January to take off the holiday 15 pounds? Getting weekly Prism Light Pod sessions will keep the weight off, so you can enjoy the holidays while looking your best.


Reducing oxidative stress


The holidays may create additional stress affecting your mind, body and mood. Oxidative stress is the balance between the production of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) and antioxidant defenses. Oxidative stress can lead to fatigue, depressed moods and lead to cellular and tissue damage. Whole-body red light therapy penetrates your body and mind at a molecular level and can help restore damaged cells to keep you feeling energetic and positive. 


The holiday season is a busy and joyful time of year. Maintaining self care by reducing oxidative stress, boosting your immune system and looking & feeling your best will heighten your enjoyment – 15 minute light pod sessions, 2-3 times a week are simple and effective ways to maintain your “Zen” and wellness throughout the holiday season.

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