My Plant-Based Diet and Red Light Therapy Helped Me Beat Covid-19 at 60

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Sadly, as our country passes more than 430,000 Covid deaths and counting with more than 23 million positive Covid cases as of January 28, 2021, I’m reflecting on my personal experience of getting Covid and being among the infected.

In December, I attended an outdoor business conference, which included some business networking with glasses of wine. I flew home after the conference and tested positive.

At first, I was asymptomatic, then a couple days later, it felt like an achy cold. While I never broke a fever, did not have shortness of breath, nor loss my taste and appetite, I had a runny nose, sneezed quite a bit, felt achy and my head was cloudy. I slept quite a bit, ate a large pot of homemade vegetable soup and had daily treatments of whole-body red-light therapy at my home. After resting over a 3-day weekend, I began feeling well again.

During my 10 days of quarantine including spending Christmas alone and binge-watching Warriors, The Queen’s Gambit and Designated Survivor, I had plenty of time to reflect on 2020 and was not surprising that the year ended with catching Covid. What else could go wrong in 2020?

I have had zero post-Covid effects and the virus has run through my body without any lingering symptoms. I was lucky not to have suffered more severe effects from Covid and benefited from being a vegetarian, staying fit and having weekly whole body red light therapy sessions for several years to maintain a strong immune system.

I hope that the Covid pandemic is a wake-up call for everyone to make personal health a high priority. It’s easy to become brainwashed when every other television commercial is promoting fast foods, lots of salty and sugary snacks and some magical prescription that can’t be pronounced for people to ingest if they become ill.

We should take time to pause and realize that we have to be accountable for our personal health and wellness. We can’t rely on the government or a pill to keep us healthy. It doesn’t mean that you need to go on some new fangle diet plan or not enjoy eating healthy foods. Instead, change your mindset about food. Think of it as fuel for your body that produces

energy for you to stay active and fight off illnesses and diseases. Adopt a low-inflammatory diet by substituting plant-based milk and cheeses instead of consuming dairy products. Cook with coconut and olive oils instead of canola oil. Substitute aminos instead of using salt and use stevia instead of sugar. All grocery stores carry these products and consider consuming plant-based meat substitutes and lots of vegetables & fruits. Experiment with cooking plant-based dishes. You will feel lighter, eliminate food commas, and feel more energetic – Oh, and you won’t have to worry about gaining weight if you stay away from sugars, bread, dairy and empty carbs.

Consider implementing this 1-2-3 natural wellness formula:

1) Move to consuming a low-inflammatory diet and eat enough not to be hungry

2) Walk 8,000-10,000 steps each day and track steps on your Fitbit or Apple watch

3) Sign-up for weekly whole-body red light therapy sessions to accelerate mitochondrial wellness 3 times a week.

Make a commitment to try this formula for 3-months and let us know how you feel. I believe that you’ll be blown away with the results!

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