Red Light Bed Therapy Systems for Chiropractic Centers

Expand your chiropractic practice with Prism Light Pod, a fully automated 100% unattended and safe red light therapy service. Chiropractors may bundle a red light therapy session with each adjustment to help increase patient satisfaction through lower pain levels. Full-body LED light therapy beds also allow chiropractors to add weight-loss, anti-aging, and performance recovery services to your practice. Read on to learn more about red light bed therapy systems for chiropractic centers and see how this natural, non-invasive treatment can help you deliver more advanced and effective care to your patients.

The Versatile Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy works by targeting cells and stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria. This also helps boost natural processes like cell and tissue regeneration, collagen production, and more. Full-body red light therapy provides systematic health benefits that provide relief, rejuvenation, and healing for a wide range of issues. Some benefits of regular light therapy bed sessions include the following:

  • Improved circulation
  • Improved tissue oxygenation
  • Decreased chronic inflammation
  • Enhanced muscle recovery
  • Decreased acute and chronic joint pain

All these benefits work to improve healing, pain management, stress relief, and other issues that chiropractic patients seek to address.

Enhancing Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors who offer red light therapy sessions in tandem with massages, adjustments, alignments, and other treatments enhance their services and deliver more effective care to patients. Because red light therapy boosts the body’s natural healing processes, it works to improve chiropractic treatments through benefits such as faster tissue rejuvenation, easier alignments, and greater full-body pain relief.

Short and Convenient Sessions

Prism Light Pod’s red light therapy beds deliver advanced healing with ease and convenience. Patients reap the benefits of light therapy with routine 15-minute sessions. Convenient features such as automatic operation, a 15-minute timer, pre-set optimized use-case settings, and a standard 110V power requirement make therapy sessions as easy as possible for chiropractors and their patients.

Partner With Prism Light Pod Today

Provide enhanced full-body healing to patients by adding red light bed therapy to your service offerings. With the red light beds for sale by Prism Light Pod, you can deliver convenient sessions that will make a world of difference to patients. Contact us today to learn more about our red light therapy pods and pads and see how the benefits of red light therapy can complement your existing treatment plans.

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