Dr. Marsha Dirks Prada, D.C., chiropractic specialist and co-owner of Denver Sports Recovery

One brand that I admire for disrupting the fitness industry is Prism Light Pod. Their product is the newest innovation in cold laser, non-invasive red LED technology. Photobiomodulation therapy, or light therapy, is one of the most exciting upcoming wellness trends, offering a host of diverse benefits ranging from enhancing weight loss and muscle recovery to relieving chronic pain and skin conditions. While handheld light therapy technology is not new, Prism Light Pod’s product is a full-body cold laser system with 14,000 red LEDs that penetrate your muscles, deep tissues, joints, and cells. The light therapy treats your entire body with 20 minute sessions that target multiple areas at the same time. Consequently, it can help accelerate performance recovery 4–10 times faster than your body’s natural healing process! We got one for Denver Sports Recovery as soon as we learned about it and our customers love it.

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