Red Light Therapy Beds for Spas

Premiere resort spas & day spas are adding full-body spa red light therapy beds to rejuvenate their clients. Adding personal, touchless wellness technologies, such as Prism Light Pod, will appeal to your visitors & can generate more than $100,000 annual income. See how Prism Light Pod’s full-body red light therapy beds for spas can complement your services and bring greater healing and rejuvenation to your clients.

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How Red Light Therapy Works

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is a safe and effective treatment that delivers deep photo-cellular healing. During red light therapy sessions, harmless red LED technology penetrates the tissue and targets the mitochondria to stimulate greater energy production.

NIH studies have shown that red light therapy can reduce and relieve inflammation, stimulate collagen production, relieve sore muscles, and soothe body aches and pains. When paired with other spa services and treatments, red light therapy promotes greater recovery and relaxation for an enhanced client experience.

Red Light Therapy With Spa Services

With a whole-body spa red light therapy unit, resorts and spas can offer short sessions to complement other treatments and services. The Prism Light Pod sessions themselves only last for 15 minutes. These red light therapy sessions offer a host of health benefits that coincide with body treatments, massages, facials, and more.

A short red light therapy session promotes faster healing after a massage. By reducing inflammation and relieving muscle soreness, spa red light therapy beds can allow the body to heal 4 to 10 times more quickly after a massage session.

Spa red light therapy units can also boost “Zero Downtime Recovery” after aesthetic services such as facial treatments. Prism Light Pod sessions reduce inflammation and redness from these treatments while promoting healthier and younger-looking skin. Furthermore, red light therapy beds for spas can help reinforce firmness and elasticity in the skin while reducing the visibility of wrinkles, cellulite, and scarring.

Red light therapy also complements body treatments by increasing circulation, stimulating collagen production, and opening pores for deeper penetration from moisturizers and other products.

Why Prism Light Pod?

The spa red light therapy beds for sale at Prism Light Pod offer the most effective form of cell-deep, full-body rejuvenation. With safe and effective red light technology, convenient unattended operation, and six optimized use-case settings, our red light therapy beds offer the most valuable photobiomodulation treatment available for spas and their clients. Contact Prism Light Pod to learn how our red light therapy units can enhance your resort or spa.

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