Early 2021 Data Points to a “Summer Boom,” Don’t be Left Out in the Cold

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Exceptionally robust retail sales data has led Bank of America to boost its first quarter 2021, GDP tracking estimate to 5.5% growth. “The goods side of the economy is still riding high while the services side is waiting with bated breath to participate. We expect the economy to accelerate further in the spring and really come to life in the summer,” BofA said. The recent stimulus checks should boost consumer spending into Q2.

With the wide distribution of the vaccine rollout underway, the Biden Administration will make it available to all Americans by May. Most Americans will have received one of the four approved vaccine shots by July. Let’s hope that we may celebrate July 4th Independence Day with our families and independence from Covid-19.

It has been a tough year, since the Covid-19 anniversary. If there is one major lesson to be learned, each and every one of us have to take responsibility for our own health and wellness. The best way to avoid being ill from Covid-19 or the flu or other viruses is to eat healthy and take advantage of wellness technologies like the Prism Light Pod. Some healing modalities that are shared such as hot tubs and saunas are likely to remain relatively taboo and frankly make people uncomfortable. Many business owners in the health and wellness industry have pivoted their business models to adhere to social distancing guidelines with one-to-one personalized and touchless wellness treatments. This shift helps owners increase profits without hiring additional staff. What about the time it takes to sanitize and disinfect rooms (which takes away from dedicating time to clients)? The answer is to deliver high-value, repeatable treatments that are easy to clean and disinfect.

Summer is approaching, vacations and leaving home will incorporate new self-care. People want to take wellness into their own hands and will be seeking vacations and resorts to pamper themselves. For instance, “spas will refine their existing spa menu, reducing treatments that demand touch and finding high-quality wellness alternatives.”

Some health and wellness industry leaders have already shifted their treatments to cater to the new normal by adding touchless options to their services. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is just one that has launched an entire touchless wellness menu, which includes the Prism Light Pod.

“The touchless wellness program has added a new dimension to the Carillon Miami spa experience that embraces innovation in healing through technology, [and provides] an amazing solution to traditional touch services like massage and body treatments.”

– Tammy Pahel, VP of spa & wellness operations. 

Touchless, automated whole-body red light therapy

The Prism Light Pod can be customized for personal wellness experiences. The user may choose one of the six optimized settings which satisfy 95% of needs:

  • Promoting Anti-Aging & Skin Toning
  • Weight-Loss Management
  • Speeds Performance Recovery
  • Reducing Chronic Pain
  • Faster Injury & Wound Healing
  • Soothing Arthritis & Joint Pain

Ridding oxidative stress, boosting your immune system and delivering mitochondrial body cell recovery comes standard with every session.

The wide range of health benefits associated with red light therapy is what makes it an effective and reliable modality. If you offer cryotherapy, PEMF, massage therapy, acupuncture, cupping or similar therapies at your wellness center then, whole-body red light therapy will complement your services very well.

Wellness centers that already offer Prism Light Pod red light therapy have maximized their profit margins by bundling this touchless technology with other services. Many Prism Light Pod owners are seeing their clients loving light pod sessions after a therapeutic massage or chiropractic adjustment or a cryotherapy session. Whole-body red light therapy will speed up your clients’ healing process up to 10x faster and will also boost the benefits of other wellness treatments.

Earning $100k of incremental profits per year

Whole-body red light therapy is the fastest-growing modality in the health and wellness industry. Having just won the Lux Life Excellence Award for 2020 as the most powerful red light therapy system, you can add the award-winning Prism Light Pod to your wellness facility to expand your business and earn over $100k of incremental profits annually. 

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