How Red-Light Therapy Can Help Heal Injuries and Wounds

How Red-Light Therapy Can Help Heal Injuries and Wounds

The human body’s ability to heal is incredible. From the initial inflammatory response to the growth of new, healthy tissue over time, the body works hard to take care of itself in the face of a wound.

The healing process becomes even more impressive with the assistance of red-light therapy. By targeting the mitochondria and increasing cellular energy, red-light therapy can combat chronic inflammation, poor circulation, and other obstacles that can hinder the healing process. Explore how red-light therapy can help heal injuries and wounds with this brief guide.

Reducing Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress stems from an imbalance of oxygen reactive species in cells and tissues. This phenomenon prevents cells from functioning properly and slows the healing process. Moderating the body’s inflammatory response after suffering a wound helps reduce oxidative stress.

Acute inflammation is an essential part of the healing process, but if it continues, it turns into chronic inflammation. This is what can cause oxidative stress and impair the body’s ability to heal. Red-light therapy reduces chronic inflammation, so that the body can benefit from its natural healing response without suffering the effects of oxidative stress.

Restoring Tissue with Increased Collagen Production

The body needs collagen to form skin, connective tissue, cartilage, and bones. As such, collagen is an essential part of the healing process. Red-light therapy targets the cells and stimulates the production of fibroblasts, which create connective fibers and collagen.

In addition to boosting collagen levels, red-light therapy helps normalize the production of collagen. The resulting healthy collagen production allows for normalized latticework as the body forms scar tissue. This minimizes the formation and appearance of lasting scars.

Improve Blood and Lymph Circulation

The body needs good circulation to heal properly. Efficient blood and lymph circulation helps new micro-capillaries to form at the site of the wound. Studies show that circulation improves after a red-light therapy session. Red-light therapy helps heal injuries and wounds through improved circulation, which delivers more oxygen, nutrients, and white blood cells to the wound site.

Accelerate healing and reduce scar tissue with routine red-light therapy sessions. Visit Prism Light Pod today to learn more about our photobiomodulation beds and discover the benefits of incorporating red-light therapy services in your facility.

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