The Effect of Red Light Therapy on Chronic Pain

The Effect of Red Light Therapy on Chronic Pain

Treating pain—especially chronic pain—can prove challenging. With endless potential causes and treatments, it’s difficult to pinpoint precisely how various medications or therapies will affect the issue. However, red light therapy offers a potential solution that deeply penetrates tissue and promotes healing, regeneration, and relief at a cellular level. Learn more about the effect of red light therapy on chronic pain and see how photobiomodulation sessions can help your patients.

Addressing the Source of Chronic Pain

There are several types of chronic pain. It might take the form of conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia, or it might be a less defined condition such as lower back pain. Some patients know exactly what causes their chronic pain, while others never receive a diagnosis for their condition.

Because of the complex and often vague nature of chronic pain, many treatments can only focus on numbing pain or blocking the body’s response to pain. Red light therapy, on the other hand, offers a deeper treatment that stimulates the body’s natural processes to relieve pain. During a red light therapy session, optimized LED light waves target the mitochondria in the body’s cells and promote better energy production, cellular regeneration, restoration of nerves, and other healing processes.

Optimizing Cell Function

One crucial way red light therapy affects chronic pain is by stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria, promoting greater energy and allowing cells to function at peak performance. This, in turn, enables cells to heal and regenerate more quickly. Greater cell functioning leads to accelerated healing throughout the body. This causes faster muscle regeneration, reduced chronic inflammation, restoration of exposed nerves, and other benefits that work to soothe multiple sources of chronic pain in the body.

Activating Stem Cell Production

Stem cells act like blank slates in the body. When your body needs new cells—such as after an injury or in response to inflammation—stem cells travel to the area and develop into whichever type of cells the body needs. Research indicates that red light therapy can activate stem cell production in bone marrow, thus supporting a crucial step in the healing process.

Red Light Therapy Optimized for Chronic Pain Relief

The optimized case settings of Prism Light Pod’s LED red light therapy beds allow you to offer effective treatment for reducing chronic pain with little hassle. Timed sessions let patients experience the benefits of the light pod without an attendant, making red light therapy convenient and easy for everyone. Visit Prism Light Pod today and see how you can offer effective chronic pain relief at your facility.

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