How Red Light Therapy Can Help Treat Fibromyalgia

Unfortunately, too many people live with chronic pain preventing them from performing their daily tasks and living a pain-free life. According to an article in Practical Pain Management called “Photobiomodulation for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia”, more than 5 million Americans suffer from the neurological effects of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia affects neural stimulation leading to a decrease in blood flow due to a vasoconstriction in blood vessels. Damage to small sensory nerve fibers similar to Small Fiber Polyneuropathy or hyperexcitable C nociceptors.

Patients with FS commonly experience diminished strength, decreased upper body flexibility, poor balance, loss of coordination, and reduced endurance. Usual treatment for this syndrome has included: pharmacological interventions, cognitive behavior therapy, myofascial release, TENS, and exercise. That may reduce pain levels by half the amount.

Another effective treatment for fibromyalgia is the use of photobiomodulation (PBM), which decreases pain enough to support an increase in activity levels in fibromyalgia syndrome patients. As such, PBM may be a viable alternative to be employed to improve symptom relief in patients with fibromyalgia.

An example of a patient study resulted in reducing her pain from 8 out of 10 to 0 out of 10 with four consecutive days of photobiomodulation treatment. The study was performed with a handheld device which targeted specific areas of the body. By using a whole body photobiomodulation system, such as a Prism Light Pod, fibromyalgia pain may be reduced across the entire body, head-to-toe with 15 minute sessions. Regular weekly sessions lessen chronic pain and inflammation from fibromyalgia to enable patients to live a healthier lifestyle.

To read the entire article, please visit the following link:  https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/pain/myofascial/photobiomodulation-treatment-fibromyalgia 

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