What You Need To Look for When Buying a Light Therapy Device

What You Need To Look for When Buying a Light Therapy Device

Are you thinking about adding light therapy to your facility? Whether you want to use light therapy to offer beauty treatments, rehabilitation services, or mental wellness, choosing the right device affects the quality of the results. Guarantee your clients quality treatments with these tips on what to look for when buying a light therapy device.

Light Type

Light therapy comes in many forms, and each type provides different treatments. Look for the light type that accommodates the service you want to provide.

Near-infrared light offers the most versatility over other light forms. It can tend to surface-level concerns in the same way as blue light. Akin to red light and infrared, near-infrared light can promote collagen production and reach the skin’s subcutaneous layers. These light therapy devices, like Prism Pods, allow you to diversify your therapeutic services.

Frequency Levels

Your device’s irradiance levels—frequency and intensity settings—influence the treatments you can offer. Different irradiances lead to varying results. Opting for a device that gives you more flexibility and control over frequency and intensity levels allows you to cater to your clients and offer versatile services.

Treatment Coverage

The coverage area of your device affects your clients’ experiences. Hand-held light therapy devices provide targeted coverage, focusing on specific areas. Targeted treatments are good for tending to small, surface-level concerns when providing your clients the best possible service. Still, you want to offer treatment they can’t easily receive at home.

Full-body red light therapy beds provide head-to-toe coverage, targeting every surface and providing more treatment options. Prism Pod’s light therapy beds use near-infrared light, giving you more versatile treatment options for your clients. It can target multiple conditions, from joint pain to fine lines. The pods allow your clients to receive treatment in privacy—under professional supervision on the outside—and get cozy in a warm, inviting cacoon. A light therapy device that offers full coverage enhances client comfort and treatment.

Light Proximity

Light intensity decreases with distance as the light photons diffuse from the source. Red light therapy devices that put distance between the bulbs and the client provide a less effective form of treatment. The more you bridge the gap between the red light source and the body, the less diffusion happens and the greater the treatment penetration and intensity. At Prism Pod, the lights in our red light therapy beds sit close to the body, producing intense and full-powered light penetration. Opting for a red light therapy device that reduces the distance between the light source and the client leads to more effective therapeutic treatments.

Long-Term Durability

All business owners strive for longevity and want their enterprises to thrive and grow as the years pass. A durable light therapy device will last many years and save you money in the long run. It can withstand wear and tear, making it less susceptible to damage, which would require servicing or costly replacements.

Light therapy offers many benefits and can improve your clients’ lives in many ways. Adding them to your facility and business enhances your services and makes your enterprise more attractive. Look out for these four qualities when buying a light therapy device to guarantee your clients quality light therapy treatments.

Prism Light Pods offer all of the above qualities in our products—near-infrared light, flexible irradiance levels, full-body coverage, and durability—making them ideal light therapy devices for your facility. Add effective light therapy services to your business today!

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