5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using an At-Home Therapy Device

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using an At-Home Therapy Device

At-home therapy treatments offer many perks. They reduce commute time, save you money on professional services, allow you to enjoy the treatments in the comfort of your home, and give you more flexibility with your schedule. There are many at-home therapy devices to explore, providing countless ways to reap the benefits of your favorite treatments, like red light therapy exposure.

Avoid these five mistakes when using an at-home therapy device to maximize your self-conducted red light treatments and improve the quality of your results.

1. Inconsistent Treatments

Consistency plays a major role in many success stories. When introducing new skincare creams, serums, and washes into your routine, it takes up to a month of consistent use before results start to show. Preparing for a marathon requires regular training to strengthen your muscles and stamina for the big race. Mastering a new talent involves dedication and practice. Similarly, consistent red light therapy treatment increases your results.

Red light therapy treatments scheduled with professionals often come with follow-ups, making sure you get consistent exposure over a certain period. Undergoing red light therapy at home means you lose that accountability for consistency. Avoid giving yourself inconsistent red light therapy exposure, and set a recurring scheduled time to give yourself some red light self-care to better obtain quality results.

2. Lack of Preparation

Like consistency, proper preparation also sets you up for the most success. It creates ideal conditions for your red light therapy device and boosts your results. There are many ways to prep your skin before undergoing red light therapy, from removing sunblock to lathering on vitamin-rich serums that the red light will help your skin absorb. Lack of preparation holds you back from enjoying the full potential red light therapy offers.

3. Wrong Intensity Setting

Intensity affects how deep the red light penetrates through your skin and influences the amount of exposure you receive within a limited time. Weaker intensity requires longer exposures, while high intensity reaches deeper into your skin, muscles, and bones, providing different results. Make sure you use the right intensity level for the kind of treatment you seek to get the results you are looking for.

4. Distractions and Poor Timing

At-home treatments allow you to access all your home comforts while also undergoing red light therapy. However, it also increases your distractions, influencing your patience, cutting off your exposure time, and hindering your ability to sit still. Eliminate distractions to give yourself undisturbed treatment that allows your device and red light rays enough time to do their thing.

5. Uneven Light Exposure

Uneven light exposure decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of your treatment. It leaves some parts of your body and skin untreated, so those areas miss out on the benefits of red light therapy. Making sure all your target areas receive even amounts of light exposure maximizes your time, treatments, and results. Invest in whole-body red light pads to guarantee maximum exposure during your at-home treatments.

Red light therapy provides an array of benefits, from skin rejuvenation to circadian rhythm resets and muscle relaxation. Prism’s red light therapy pads allow you to undergo red light therapy at home, further adding to the list of perks and providing you with scheduling flexibility and budget-friendly treatments. To reap all the possible rewards, avoid these five mistakes when using at-home therapy devices to optimize your results.

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