Can Red Light Therapy Help With Muscle Growth?

Can Red Light Therapy Help With Muscle Growth?

Muscle growth is an important goal for many athletes, from bodybuilders and professional sports players to gym enthusiasts. It’s vital to enhancing one’s physical abilities and improving overall performance. There are many ways to gain muscle—weight training, increased protein intake, resistance workouts—but can red light therapy also help with muscle growth?

Increased Healing Responses Causes More Protein Production

Working out your muscles inflicts minor damage on your muscle fibers. As your body repairs post-workout, it fuses or replaces fibers forming new muscle protein strands. The more new and repaired protein strands present, the greater your muscle thickness.

Red light therapy increases the body’s healing responses. Its wavelengths target cells’ mitochondria, stimulating heightened energy production your body uses during its natural recovery process. Red light therapy speeds up muscle recovery, allowing you to increase the production of new muscle protein.

Speedy Recovery Leads To Improved Workouts and Stamina

Taking regular breaks while training your muscles gives your body time to heal and return to peak condition. When healing is complete, all the energy that goes toward your body’s recovery gets redirected elsewhere.

Red light therapy speeds up recovery with its stimulation of energy conversion in the mitochondria. With more energy working at a time, inflammation and fatigue decrease. It gets you back in the gym faster and improves your workout. The energy boost from the red light treatment increases your muscle performance and stamina, allowing you to get more from your muscle training and endure longer and more intense workouts.

Enhanced Circulation Boosts Muscles’ Oxygen and Nutrition Intake

Red light wavelengths target more than just mitochondria; they also react with red blood cells. They stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which then reacts with blood vessels, causing them to relax and open up. Circulation then increases as more blood flow passes through the vessels.

Oxygen and nutrients—important components for energy conversion and muscle functionality—travel throughout the body via the circulatory system. Enhancing your blood circulation with red light treatment allows your muscles and cells to receive a greater intake of oxygen and nutrition. The increased intake boosts muscle performance, allowing it to respond better to workouts and grow more easily.

Can red light therapy help with muscle growth? Yes. It enhances multiple important bodily functions and systems—recovery, energy usage, and circulation—that play a vital role in building and strengthening muscles. Using Prism’s red light therapy full body devices allows you to efficiently and effectively target muscles and reap the many rewards red light treatment offers. It stimulates energy conversion, increases recovery, and enhances circulation, improving muscle growth.