A Beginner’s Guide To Red Light Therapy for Skin Conditions

A Beginner’s Guide To Red Light Therapy for Skin Conditions

A little skincare TLC offers many benefits. It makes you look and feel good, maintains youthfulness, and boosts confidence. Plus, the caring process provides a therapeutic experience. Nowadays, with technology and extensive research, there are various ways to look after one’s skin. Here’s a beginner’s guide to red-light therapy for skin conditions and how it helps people with their skincare.

Who Came Up With Red-Light Therapy?

Red-light therapy began in 1666 with the introduction of field optics. Isaac Newton’s discoveries at that time shed light—literally and figuratively—on different wavelengths of light. He expanded the idea that varying wavelengths possessed and offered different behaviors.

Over time, after the invention of electricity and light bulbs, the first implementation of light in medicine occurred in the 1800s, thanks to Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen. Their discovery arose as they found out that sunbathing—UV radiation—helped symptoms of his severe illness. From Finsen’s discovery, LED came into play down the line, and NASA began researching the healing properties of red light, especially on skin lesions.

How Does It Work?

Red-light therapy uses ultraviolet wavelengths to penetrate your skin cells’ mitochondria. The UV rays stimulate the cells’ powerhouses to generate more energy and collagen, encouraging them to repair, replace, and rebuild themselves after damage. Collagen production helps with skin structure, strength, and elasticity. On the surface level, the regeneration causes tighter skin, smoother textures, and faded scars.

Red light therapy pods expose people to red light at different wavelengths. Compared to other red-light treatments, therapy pods target the whole body, providing all-over cell regeneration rather than one specific location. They allow patients to lie back, relax, and let the UV rays do their magic.

Which Skin Conditions Is It Used For?

Red-light therapy targets many issues, from chronic pain to athletic performance. Regarding skin conditions and aesthetics, red-light therapy offers mitigated symptoms from:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Loose skin
  • Fine lines

Our skin takes up the majority of our body and endures a lot of wear and damage. As our largest organ, it requires proper care to maintain its health. Red-light therapy allows the skin to heal itself faster and grow back stronger. With this beginner’s guide to red-light therapy for skin conditions and a pod from Prism Light Pod, you can help people take better care of their skin and look and feel their best.

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