Differences Between Targeted and Full Body Red Light Therapy

Differences Between Targeted and Full Body Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy offers a wide variety of health benefits to help with wound healing, sports recovery, chronic pain management, anti-aging, and so much more. However, not all red light therapy treatments are the same. Two main approaches—targeted red light therapy and full body red light therapy—offer different benefits and outcomes for patients. Learn the differences between targeted and full body red light therapy with this brief overview.

Targeted Therapy Treats Only Specific Points

Targeted therapy uses smaller, more portable red light therapy devices to treat a specific area of the body. Instead of providing red light treatment to the entire body, targeted therapy concentrates on a particular area or issue. This is a popular approach for addressing wrinkles, acne, or other blemishes on the face, specific wounds on the body, or pain in a singular joint.

Full Body Therapy Delivers More Energy

Energy levels make up one of the greatest differences between targeted and full body red light therapy. While targeted red light therapy works well in a specific area, it doesn’t deliver the same level of energy to the body as full body therapy does.

Greater energy levels create a larger impact on the body overall. With full body red light pods, patients experience the benefits of photobiomodulation throughout their entire bodies. This stimulates greater levels of ATP production, collagen production, cell regeneration, tissue growth, and more.

More Systemic Health Benefits From Full Body Treatments

The broader approach of full body red light therapy provides treatment to a larger area, making it ideal for targeting more parts of the body at once. Full body treatment also enables the more holistic benefits of red light therapy.

Red light treatment provides rejuvenation and recovery by speeding up the body’s natural healing processes. Stimulating energy production and cell regeneration across the whole body enhances this process and provides whole-body healing effects, such as improved blood flow, lowered inflammation, and increased collagen levels.

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