Beware of Imitation Red Light Beds

Whole-body red light beds are one of the fastest growing natural wellness modalities. There are more than 3,000 National Institute of Health (NIH) articles on the benefits of red-light therapy going back to the 1970s when NASA first used it to improve the mitochondrial wellness of astronauts. However, not all red light therapy beds are medical-grade systems designed and manufactured within the United States. 

Beware of Imitations 

Some vendors are only interested in making a fast buck! 

Some manufacturers start with tanning beds and retrofit them with gas-emission tube LED lights and advertise them as “red-light therapy” beds. Unfortunately, the less expensive beds that cost $7,000- $20,000, do not deliver mitochondrial repair of body cells because the diffused red tube lighting does not penetrate deep enough into the body. 

Beware of vendors that rebrand and resell LED beds that are designed and manufactured in China. There are US-based companies that claim to have decades of experience with red light therapy because they sell handheld red-light devices. Well, that doesn’t make them experts in designing or manufacturing medical grade whoe-body red-light beds. 

Unfortunately, some vendors charge $50,000-$89,000 for red LED beds that are designed and manufactured in China and rebranded as American-made products. They ship them to the U.S., rebrand them under a larger company brand, file for FDA registration under the new brand, mark-up the price and resell them to you! There is nothing illegal with that strategy, but they are deceiving the buyer with an imitation product that is not truly designed (from the ground-up) and manufactured in the U.S.

How to Spot the Difference 

If you see red light beds, with the same frame, same product specs being advertised by several companies, it’s likely that they are rebranding an LED bed originally manufactured in China. These products do not have industry-leading quality, reliability and world-class engineering that you expect from a true U.S.-based leader. Those products may overheat, the LEDs are dim and too far from the surface that loses up to 80% of the mitochondrial healing, are not engineered to support 110V and use frames which are designed for tanning bed tube lights. 

Questions to Consider

  • How long will the bed last? 
  • Does it have high-quality design and lasts more than 10 years? 
  • What happens when you need product repair, replacement parts and service?
  • Who stands behind the product?
  • Who owns the intellectual property of the bed that is being resold from China? 
  • Do they own and drive their own product strategy & roadmap? 
  • Why do different products within their product line look completely different? 

These are all hints that the vendor is reselling light beds designed and manufactured by someone else, very likely, a low-quality red-light bed designed & manufactured in China. 

The Difference with Prism Light Pod 

Conversely, Prism Light Pod is one of two companies that co-pioneered whole-body red-light therapy systems in 2013. Prism Light Pod’s experts and engineers are based in Denver and have designed and manufactured world class enterprise systems for companies including Agilent Technology, HP & Dell. We understand architectural, electrical, thermal and mechanical designs for medical grade systems. We have more than 30 years of experience with reliability, structural integrity, ISO manufacturing and quality control. 

Prism Light Pod

When you purchase a Prism Light Pod, you’re getting the best whole-body red light therapy system in the world. Each system is designed with world-class quality, hand built by engineers within our 15,000-foot manufacturing facility, designed from the ground-up and manufactured in Denver, CO. Prism Light Pod has a +10 year product life with direct support from our Denver-based engineers and technicians. We ship, install and service, and warranty our light pods around the world. 

We’re proud to have won the Lux Life Global Excellence Award for the Best & Most Powerful red light bed for 2021 and 2020. Our systems are FDA registered and we comply with ISO global standards. You won’t find imitation Prism Light Pods re-sold within the industry because we own all of our intellectual properties. 

Beware of imitation light beds and cheap knock-offs from China. 

Don’t bet your business and reputation on a rebranded product that is disguised as a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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