ChiroCLARITY™ The New Regenerative Therapy

Nauticus Laser Therapy & Wellness Center brings the Healing Power of Red Light to Fishers, IN with Prism Light Pod whole-body red light therapy. Dr. Seland, healer and entrepreneur, has provided patients the best spinal care and pain relief available for nearly 30 years. Nauticus Laser and Wellness Center uses the healing power of light to help patients thrive in their health and optimize their lives without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.


The staff at Nauticus help more people find clarity, hope and healing for their chronic pain and health concerns. Patients are given a thorough health and spinal exam to discover where the foundational problems are with their body. Dr. Seland combines chiropractic spinal correction protocols with regenerative red light therapy. He calls this technique “ChiroCLARITY “ or Chiropractic Laser-Assisted Regenerative Therapy.”

With this protocol Dr. Seland is educating his patients on the importance cellular health has in the healing process. Many patients find improvement with the very first sessions of laser and red light therapy. Therapies may also be combined with other manual therapies to assist in the healing process. Some patients also benefit from nutrition counseling and suggested supplementation. “I am proud to bring innovative technology to the area with the intention of enhancing the overall health and wellness of the Fisher’s community,” said Dr. Trond Seland.

Nauticus offers Prism Light Pod sessions to:

  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Disorders
  • Severe Nerve Damage Recovery – Neuropathy
  • Sports Rehab
  • Shrink Fat Cells

Red Light Therapy

Regenerative therapies are becoming more common as people are looking for natural ways to restore their health without drugs or surgery. Lasers and red light therapies are leading the way in health restoration. Red light therapy has been vetted for healing by over 3,000 studies published by the National Institute of Health. Red light therapy enhances mitochondrial wellness by repairing and rejuvenating cells which extends into health benefits like inflammation relief, a reduction in oxidative stress, eliminating free radicals in the bloodstream and an increase in collagen production for anti-aging.

Add Prism Light Pod to your Chiropractic Practice

Prism Light Pod is the next level of red light therapy, this whole-body system delivers 360 degrees of optimized light waves closest to the body. Prism red light sessions are automated 15-minutes sessions, soothing your body with 14,000 industrial grade red and near-infrared LEDs delivering the best mitochondrial cellular level wellness. After each session, clients reduce oxidative stress, generate energy to improve blood flow, and feel less inflammation & joint pain. Sessions may also improve sleep patterns. 


The National Institute of Health (NIH) has researched many benefits of red light therapy especially when combined with chiropractic adjustments for improved wellness.

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