Cure the Winter Blues and Crud…..

Get Vitamin D from Light Therapy

The winter season can be beautiful. Here in Colorado, we get fresh snowfall followed by clear-blue sunny skies. But if you’re stuck working within an office all day, you may not be getting enough sunlight or vitamin D. 

Many people also get the winter “Crud” which is characterized by a dry scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing and clearing your nose and throat with lots of Kleenex tissues. 

One way to relieve the winter blues and crud is with regular 15-minute Prism Light Pod sessions. The 14,000 natural red LED light waves deliver photobiomodulation therapy to your entire body to replenish light that your body and mind craves and needs. Light therapy with the right irradiance and dosage is a simple way to get the sunlight and vitamin D that your body requires to be happier and healthier all-year round!


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