Healing with Prism Light Pod

Since my competition (1 month ago), I discovered that I have a 75% torn supraspinatus tendon (rotator cuff). Sugery was recommended.

I also started suffering from severe #sciaticpain, so I had an MRI on my lumbar spin and discovered that I have 3 herniated discs and 2 bulging discs with the biggest herniation being to the left of my L4-L5.

I have 2 nerve roots being impinged and numerous bone spurs, plus schmorlsnodes on my spine. I’ve suffered from back issues for more than 2 decades and have tried almost everything. I’ve found that all spine related treatments seem to be temporary fixes, and with a spine like mine, that’s understandable. It’s just not easily repairable.

Staying fit and at a healthy weight is the best thing that I’ve been able to do for it, but needed to try more. I’m going to be doing a #biohacking protocol for the next 3-6 months to try to regenerate cells and heal @goldenbiohack. The super smart folks at Golden Biohack will be guiding my journey back to health.

Prism Light Pod is part of my regimen with red light energy that penetrates layers of skin and body cells then absorb. The light waves absorbed initiate a series of events within the body–comparable to photosynthesis. Red light waves are converted to useful energy that interacts with muscles, tissues and nerves to accelerate the natural healing process. @prismlightpod #yesplease #bulletproof

Written and posted by co_realstate_muscle on Instagram


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