How to Pivot Your Business During Covid-19

Earlier, this month, we published a blog on “Re-thinking Your Business”, this is Part 2 of that blog.

We’re highlighting an article from Team Tony Robbins to help small businesses and entrepreneurs think-through their strategies. As it appears that businesses are re-opening, your guests may continue to stay hunkered down for a few more weeks, it is important for business owners to use this time to pivot their game-plans in order to maximize the rebound or reopening of their wellness centers.

Maybe it is time to take advantage of having less daily customer traffic to do those remodeling projects you’ve been wanting to do. Or, maybe it is time to put the infrastructure in place in order to bring new offerings to your customers. You could also take this time to build up your social media following and demand generation programs.

Team Tony Robbins presents 5 challenges to re-think your business strategy:

1. “We all have a choice.”
You can look on the negative or the positive side of life. If you are only focusing on the fact that you don’t have customers in your physical location, you may fail to see the opportunities that are available for you to act on right now. Try examining your business strategies without a negative light. Turn those worries into actions!

2. “Challenge assumptions.”
These are unprecedented times, so going by the book, or sticking with what has worked in the past will not work. You’ll have to think creatively and on your feet in order to come out of this on top. Keep in touch with your clients and be receptive to their needs. Wear your customers’ shoes and help them address their needs. “You’ll want to get into conversation with your clients, not in your head with your postulations, about what they need.”

3. “You are the north for your business, your organization, your team.”
Don’t forget you are not alone. You may be the primary owner, but people around you are valuable voices. Often, they may have a valuable nugget of inspiration that would never have occurred to you. Don’t forget to listen to what they have to say.

4. “Those who design and deliver best practices for the ‘the interim’ will have a distinct competitive advantage.”

The interim stage is beginning to happen for many businesses. For some, it is still a few weeks or months out. Either way, it is important to plan for what your business will look like once you can reopen and provide safety and assurance for your customers to come back . You will not be able to open and right away return to the way you did business before. Make sure you will be able to accommodate the increased health concerns of your clients. Try to learn and understand what their present needs are. You’ll have to deliver more value than before. Times have changed.

5. “Collaboration is key.”
Just like point #3, listening to the people around you is very important. However, it is also important to seek out ideas from people who are in a similar position as you. Find other business owners and start conversations with them. Share your struggles and listen to theirs. You’ll be able to provide assistance at the same time as you receive it. Call your vendors to see what they are seeing and hearing from other business owners. Don’t try to be a lone shark entrepreneur. Pick up the phone and schedule 5 calls this week to ask for advice, listen and take notes.

During this interim stage, it’s important for you to prepare your business to face uncertainties now, rather than when they are already presented to you. Rethink and test your value-proposition. Don’t be timid about making some “New” and “Bold” changes.

Perhaps leverage technology or equipment that doesn’t rely on more employees administering them to lessen human interaction?

We have seen recent inquiries about the Prism Light Pod from owners who are having a difficult time getting employees to come back to work. Providing a 100% optimized and automated solution that delivers residual income is a smart alternative to bring new services into your natural wellness business with less human contact.

If you would like to learn more, please Contact us for more information or find out more about how you can incorporate red light therapy as part of your business.


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