Reduce Acne Scarring with Red Light Therapy

Have you suffered with unsightly acne scarring on your face or across your back and shoulder? As tank top season approaches, it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. You probably never heard of red light therapy treatments for reducing and or eliminating acne scarring. Recent studies from the American Association of Dermatologists have shown that red light therapy improves the speed of wound and acne scar repair. Whole body red light therapy treatments can help reduce scarring and accelerate repair of existing acne scars throughout your head and body. An Article from Medical News Today gives the rundown on how light therapy is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and its ability to shrink fatty cells. So, depending on the cause of the acne, it may help prevent further breakouts. By offering whole-body red light therapy like Prism Light Pod, to reduce scarring, your customers can enhance their entire body’s skin health while also benefit from improved mitochondrial healing, reduce oxidative stress and help boost their immune system. Contact us for more information and find out more about incorporating red light therapy as part of your Medspa, skin care or dermatology practice. To read more what creates Acne, here’s an article from a local skin care partner: www.naturalacneclinic.com/blog/what-is-acne/ #redlighttherapy #acnescarring #photobiomodulation #medspa #antiinflammatory #aesthetics #scarrepair #clearingacne #skincare #dermatology #scarremoval #antiscarring #dermatologists

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