Consider Red Light Therapy After Elective Medspa Surgical Procedures

In today’s world, elective surgical procedures are becoming increasingly common among us.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018 there were a total of 1,811,740 plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. 

This is an increase of more than 20,000 procedures from the prior year’s total of procedures performed by plastic surgeons.  Given those yearly numbers, it is almost certain that we know at least one person who has had a procedure performed or perhaps you’ve had a plastic surgery done on yourself.  

Like any surgical or aesthetic procedure, there are always risks and recovery times to consider.  One of red light therapy’s biggest benefits is perhaps its ability to boost our body’s natural healing powers.  These powers are not just skin deep, but go beyond the surface of our skin to help our bodies speed up the healing process it goes through after surgery. 

An article published in Healthline Magazine highlights just how beneficial red light therapy can be as it, “promotes wound healing and tissue repair…stimulates healing of slow healing wounds…helps diminish scars.”  

All of the aforementioned benefits are particularly beneficial to those healing from a plastic surgery procedure.  After a procedure it is of the utmost importance to always follow your doctor’s instructions and get a lot of rest. 

In the days and weeks following the surgery, red light therapy sessions reduce redness, inflammation and pain. In addition, it boosts your body’s natural healing process for a faster and easier recovery. 

Red light therapy can also help to diminish bruising and scars helping to give patients the best aesthetic results as well.  Just fifteen minutes in a Prism Light Pod can provide your body with all those benefits and many more natural wellness features helping you to heal beautifully from the inside out.   




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