Prism Light Pod Breaks Industry-leading Benchmark

In the latest benchmark test, Prism Light Pod delivered 89 milliwatts per centimeters squared, which is 12%-50% more powerful than competitive whole body photobiomodulation systems across the industry. Combined with the six-optimized irradiance settings for the following patient uses cases that deliver 100% automated and unattended light therapy that:

  • Accelerates Performance Recovery 4-10X Faster
  • Speeds Injury & Wound Healing
  • Soothes Arthritis & Joint Pain
  • Reduces Chronic Pain and Disorders
  • Promotes Anti-Aging & Skin Toning
  • Improves Weight Loss

Prism Light Pod is also the most energy-efficient system by being the only industrial-grade light bed to support standard 110V electrical outlets. It’s patent-pending power distribution and software optimization settings deliver a maximum 18 amps of peak electrical usage and supports a standard dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker.

This is ideal for commercial and home use because they are equipped with 110V outlets and 20amp circuit breakers. Owners will save $4,000-5,000 by not having to rewire and install a dedicated 220V outlet.

Contact Prism Light Pod to learn more about the power of adding red light therapy to accelerate natural healing.

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