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September Newsletter, 2018 Keep Your Patients Naturally Healthier, and Earn an Extra $100-$300K Per Year Since fall is around the corner, we want to reflect on our exciting summer at Prism Light Pod!  After weeks of preparation, our Florida Light Pod launch was one of the main highlights. Lizz Pugh, the owner of Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage and Mad Science Spa in Sarasota, FL, is a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist. She purchased our whole-body cold laser light pod to help her patients recover faster and reduce chronic pain while scaling her business without having to use her hands. 25 light pod packages were sold prior to and at the launch event, so Lizz was cash flow positive from day-one and her clients are benefitting from photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT).  
Meet Lizz & watch her launch video
We held an open house event at Colorado Skin & Laser where they’re bundling Prism Light Pod sessions with stem cell and PRP injections, so patients may recover with zero downtime.  A 20-minute light pod session after the procedure eliminates 90%+ of redness and soreness and allow patients to return to work the next day. Prior to Prism Light Pod, they would experience 3-5 days of downtime before being able to return to work. We are preparing for upcoming exciting partner and customer launch events.  Please check-out our educational blogs and user testimonials at: https://prismlightpod.com/blog/ https://www.prismlightpod.com/testimonials Contact us to become a partner and get into the fast-growing, innovative, natural health and wellness industry with Prism Light Pod. https://www.prismlightpod.com/contact

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