Whole Body Cold Laser Light Pods vs. Hand-held Devices

whole body light therapy

Doctors and chiropractors have been using hand-held lasers to heal people for years, so why not use the same kind of technology for your whole body? When directed at targeted areas of the body, a class 3B cold laser or class 4 infrared handheld laser can be effective in healing and damaged tissues,  injuries and alieving chronic pain.

Our Prism Light Pod full-body cold laser system presents the same idea, but with the ability to heal the entire body at one time.

Because practitioners do not have to spend time administering the device, our whole body light pod is ideal for those who want to heal their patients without scaling their business solely with their hands.

Additionally, it allows practitioners to help their patients heal faster, relieve pain free, reduce oxidative stress, feel healthier and happier.

Because photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT) speeds recovery of body cells and muscle tissue 4-10x faster than the your body’s natural rate, Prism has helped individuals with chronic illnesses such as migraines, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis and scleroderma at with remarkable results.

While Prism Light Pod complements hand-held lasers and other modality therapies, treating one area at a time can be time consuming and expensive for both the patient and the practitioner. With Prism Light Pod, both parties save time and money while using top of the line therapy treatment to speed recovery and increasing the bottom line. With Prism Light Pod, businesses benefit patients, while generating incremental profits from $100,000-$300,000+ annually.

Because Light Pod sessions can be scheduled 20 minutes apart or bundled with every massage, chiropractic adjustment, or Med Spa procedure to reduce inflammation and redness, the light pod can be used all day to help people and your business. The light pod simply requires an 8×10 room to fit in comfortably and the only maintenance required are disinfectant wipes to sanitize the bed in between each use.

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