The Natural Health & Beauty Industry is “White Hot”

Prism Light Pod Business Case
By Karl Chen, Founder & CEO
After a very successful launch at Lakewood Ranch Medical Massage last week, I spent 8 days visiting potential customers in Tampa, Ft. Myers, Naples, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. Not only was the temperature hot, but also the natural health & beauty industry is “White Hot”.
People were filled in waiting rooms. Receptionists, office managers, and doctors were friendly and busy. The natural wellness movement is exploding! People are being more proactive about natural health. Naples is developing into a “Blue Zone City.”
Owners are opening their minds to new innovative therapies, such as our full-body cold laser Prism Light Pods. I kept hearing that “I simply can’t scale my business with just my hands. I need to leverage technology to provide more “Unattended” healing and recovery services. The Prism Light Pod is a perfect compliment to our integrated wellness, performance recovery and Med Spa services.”
I was impressed with that level of entrepreneurial forward thinking.
At Lakewood Ranch Medical, they pre-sold Light Pod sessions to more than 20 new customers before the system was installed. That showed the high interest and pent-up demand for our full-body cold laser therapy.
I’m excited about expanding our business with our partners to benefit clients throughout the world in the weeks and months to come.
Come join us on this exciting ride!
Contact us at infoprismlightpod@gmail.com to learn how your business can generate $100,000-$200,000 of incremental profits each year with a Prism Light Pod.

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