Age Gracefully with the Help of Full-Body Cold Laser Therapy

Wrinkles, fine-lines, dullness… sound familiar? Of course, we all would like to age gracefully- as long as we can avoid deep wrinkles and crow’s feet. This statement may seem contradictory, but there is in fact a way to reduce downtime after cosmetic procedures as well as decrease and prevent the signs of aging. The answer is this: by obtaining cold laser therapy with the Prism Light Pod, women and men alike can help to reverse the signs of aging naturally.
How Cold Laser Therapy Works
Cold laser therapy uses low-intensity, red LED lights to penetrate your skins tissues in order to stimulate collagen production and heal damaged skin cells.. When tissues absorb this light, biostimulation occurs to repair dry or damaged tissues resulting in reduced wrinkles and improving skin conditions. One of the biggest benefits of using cold laser therapy is that when combined with chemical peels and microneedling procedures, it can reduce the downtime that sometimes results post-procedure. These services offered by Med Spas usually require 3 to 5 days of downtime for patients due to redness and swelling. By including a full-body cold laser session directly following the procedure, patients achieve ZERO-DOWNTIME, the redness and soreness disappears and they can resume their daily activities.
Benefits of Full Body Light Therapy
You might have heard of similar light-therapy systems in the past, such as handheld or aesthetic lasers. The Prism Light Pod differs from these systems in that providers do not have to administer the device. Unlike handheld lasers, users simply select the pre-optimized settings and lay in the light pod comfortably for 20-minute sessions to heal their entire body. Not only do they get relief from the redness and soreness, but their oxidative stress, fatigue, chronic aches and pains are also reduced from the light pod session. This allows for practitioners to offer the benefits of cold light therapy as new “unattended” services, while they’re treating other patients, making efficient use of their time and generating income from those new services. No pain, no recovery. Once you’ve stepped out of the pod, you’re good to go!
Anti-Aging Benefits
As well as being combined with other med spa services, the Prism Light Pod can also aid in the detoxification and reproduction of new skin cells over time. By stimulating the production of new collagen and increasing blood flow from capillaries, oxygen inflow is increased causing skin to repair more quickly for a renewed, supple look. On its own, the Prism Light Pod can aide in anti aging benefits, usually within as little as a few months.
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