Biohacking: Enhancing Performance & Recovery

Biohacking Benefits

So, biohacking… never heard the term before? I hadn’t either until just recently, but as it turns out, biohacking is the likely one of the most significant innovation of the 21st century. By understanding the biological makeup of the human body and creating new, innovative technology to enhance and optimize it, we can increase our overall health, wellness and longevity.

We seem to know lots of other ways that we can upgrade our well-being, so how is biohacking different from just eating well and exercising? It has to do with “hacking” or understanding the body and mind using different methods to accelerate performance and recovery, maximizing your effectiveness as efficiently as possible.

Think of bulletproof coffee: the benefits of caffeine for energy, accelerated by adding brain octane (MCT) oil and grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee. Sure, caffeine is known to give us energy, but the “biohacking” combination of butter and MCT oil can suppress hunger and cravings, increase mental clarity, and even give an extra energy boost.

Many start their day with bulletproof coffee to lose weight faster and increase performance, as the high-fat drink jumpstarts the metabolism through ketosis. Bulletproof coffee hacks the body by adding just a few simple ingredients to your morning regimen. Now, imagine all of the other biohacking possibilities with added technology.

biohacking bulletproof coffee
Bulletproof Coffee

Whole-Body Cryotherapy is a popular form of biohacking that you may have heard of, that uses cold temperatures, up to 300 below zero, to rejuvenate the body. This can be helpful for increasing circulation, recovering from a hard workout, and increasing energy levels. Athletes often use cryo saunas to recover from injuries or intense workouts. Others use it as a modality for increasing energy levels.

Prism Light Pod also delivers a form of biohacking through whole-body photobiomodulation therapy. Deep cellular-level healing through optimized lightwaves of irradiance and dosage. Our 3rd generation light pod contains more than 14,000 industrial cold laser LEDs including 650nm and 850nm. This combination of powerful lightwaves naturally speeds your body’s recovery up to TEN times faster. Athletes, professionals, sufferers of chronic pain & disorders, oxidative stress, and others can incorporate the biohacking benefits of whole-body cold laser with Prism Light Pod. Everyone can recover from their workouts faster, improving efficiency and performance. Whole-body cold laser also improves energy levels and keeps your mind and body strong – just lay in the pod comfortably for 15 minutes!

Prism Light Pod

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