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Performance Recovery
It’s no secret that cold laser therapy has been used to heal many people with chronic pain and reducing inflammation, but the benefits of full-body cold laser don’t stop there. Did you know that full-body cold laser therapy has helped heal athletes at all levels from muscle soreness, joint pain and injury recovery?
In fact, CEO and founder of Prism Light Pod, Karl Chen, developed a full-body cold laser system for this very reason. After years of playing sports and suffering from athletic injuries in his elbow, knees and shoulder, the use of hand-held lasers became time consuming and expensive, when treating multiple areas of the body.
In developing the Prism Light Pod, the system was designed to heal the entire body. Athletes can recover from workouts more quickly, making efficient use of their time as well as improving their workouts.
How it Works
When laying in the Prism Light Pod, the body receives light penetration from a 360 degree radius so that the entire body can benefit from specific red LED technology. Each LED activates photobiomodulation in all areas that are exposed to light, initiating tissue repair, pain reduction and a decrease in inflammation across the entire body. Hence, sore muscle tissues are repaired 4 to 10 times faster allowing physically active individuals to resume their activities more quickly.
No more waiting for sore muscles, joints and tendons to recover for days after a workout- the Prism Light Pod speeds sport recovery while reducing fatigue and oxidative stress at the same time.
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